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Park Eun-Bin’s Korean Brands Fashion as Seo Mok-Ha In the K-Drama’ Castaway Diva’ Episodes 1-4

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Here are some inspiring fashion styles of the ever-optimistic Mok-Ha, portrayed by Park Eun-Bin, whose outfits reflect her sunny character in the K-drama ‘Castaway Diva.’

The season’s eagerly awaited K-drama series, ‘Castaway Diva,’ made a splash with its debut, living up to the hype. Park Eun-Bin delivered another profound portrayal as Seo Mok-Ha, the central diva character. In the story, she re-enters society after 15 years alone in a deserted island, bringing depth to an intriguing concept.

Park Eun Bin’s Fashion in ‘Castaway Diva’ K-Drama

Athleisure Outfit

In episode 2, Eun-Bin’s standout attire featured a violet logo-print track jacket and pants ensemble from CLUT STUDIO.

kdrama castaway diva fashion outfits

The violet logo-print track jacket and pants from CLUT STUDIO are a bold statement in leisurewear. This set stands out with its vibrant hue and streamlined design, offering a modern twist on classic tracksuit styles. The jacket’s sharp collar and the pants’ snug cuffs create an athletic and fashion-forward silhouette.

Knit Cardigan

She then embraced a relaxed, cozy style with a yellow knit cardigan from ROCCI ROCCI.

kdrama castaway diva fashion outfits

The yellow knit cardigan from ROCCI ROCCI exudes a sunny character with its warm yellow tone, capturing a look of effortless comfort. The cardigan’s relaxed fit suggests a casual ease. Meanwhile, the ribbed cuffs and hem provide a refined finish, ensuring the piece retains a structured silhouette. It’s a versatile garment that can be dressed up or down, making it a charming addition to any ensemble, whether aiming for a cozy indoor look or a fresh outdoor style.

Roselle Blouse

In episode 3 of the K-drama ‘Castaway Diva,’ the highlight of her fashion is the exquisite cropped pink floral Roselle blouse from EXPIRED GIRL.

Park Eun Bin k-drama fashion castaway diva

Its vibrant pink hue is a head-turner that captures the essence of a spirited personality. The design features whimsical ruffles and bows, lending a sweet, almost storybook-like charm. The blouse’s flared sleeves add a touch of drama, making it a perfect piece for those who wish to express their style with a retro and contemporary fashion blend.

Crochet Knit Vest

Eun-Bin completed her charming ensemble with a handmade crochet knit vest in yellow floral weave from VIA PLAIN layered over her overalls.

Park Eun Bin k-drama fashion castaway diva

The crochet knit vest from VIA PLAIN is a delightful blend of vintage charm and contemporary fashion. This mustard-colored vest features an intricate pattern that adds a touch of artisanal craftsmanship to any outfit. Its sleeveless design makes it an ideal layering piece over long-sleeved shirts or blouses. Moreover, it provides warmth and a pop of color.

Giant Bear Sweatshirt

In episode 4 of K-drama ‘Castaway Diva,’ Park Eun Bin sports a green Giant Bear sweatshirt by SIENNE, perfect for casual everyday fashion style.

giant bear seweatshirt

The Giant Bear sweatshirt from SIENNE is a perfect marriage of comfort and playful style. Cast in a striking shade of green, it immediately draws the eye. Meanwhile, the bold ‘SERENDIPITY’ lettering across the front adds a distinctive graphic element. The bear motif within the text introduces a whimsical touch, lending the piece a sense of fun and lightheartedness. This sweatshirt is designed with a relaxed fit, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a laid-back look and a statement piece.

Pink Denim Jacket

Eun-Bin truly shines in pink, as evidenced by her choice of this cropped pink denim jacket from MARKM.

pink denim jacket

The cropped pink denim jacket from MARKM is a fashionable and fresh take on the classic denim jacket. Its cropped fit offers a contemporary edge, perfect for pairing high-waisted trousers or skirts. The soft pink provides a playful yet subtle nod to feminine style. Meanwhile, the robust denim ensures durability and a structured silhouette. With its clean lines and casual coolness, this jacket by MARKM is an excellent choice for those looking to add a pop of color and a touch of modernity to their denim collection.

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