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Biggest Nail Trends in South Korea Right Now!

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Looking to add some edge and style to your nails? Look no further than South Korea, where nail trends constantly evolve and push the boundaries of fashion and beauty. 

We can all agree that South Korea has an immense collection of skincare and beauty products that have continuously captivated people worldwide. Even their nail trends are blowing all over Pinterest and Instagram feeds. From bold and colorful designs to intricate and delicate patterns, the nail scene in South Korea is truly inspiring. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the latest nail trends in South Korea, giving you an inside look at the hottest styles, techniques, and products that are taking the beauty world by storm. 

We have curated a list of all the biggest nail trends in South Korea that you can try out next time you are going for a manicure. So grab your nail polish, and let’s dive into the exciting world of South Korean nail trends!

Syrup Nails

The best part is this nail art can easily be executed by you at your house. It resembles gradient nails; however, it does not make your nails stand out and goes with any outfit. As the name suggests, just like a syrup drip, the nail color becomes translucent at one end of your nail. You also don’t need to mix two nail paints to achieve the syrup nails; just one colored nail paint and a transparent coat are needed. 

Chrome Beads

Three-dimensional styles are not new in the nail art world, although they are back in trend after the popular K-pop idol Lisa from the Blackpink was seen wearing this nail style. You can style different shades of chrome beads onto your nails, combining them with vibrant-colored nail paints. With this style, you can play around with colors and choose the one that suits you best. It is one of the best 3D nail art trends in South Korea right now!

Blob Nails

This is another three-dimensional nail trend from Korea that you can try to give your nails more texture and dimension. This nail style is created using a transparent and thick formula known as drawing gel. The manicurist will simply dispense the drawing gel onto your nails and dry it under the UV lamp. If you like to try out new nails yourself at home, you can buy a drawing gel and start making some amorphous shapes onto your nails to get the blob nails. 

Quail Egg 

Everyone wants minimalist nails nowadays, but they have limited options for designs. Not anymore! This trendy nail style is for you if you are looking for a minimalist design. Quail eggs may sound unusual, but they are definitely taking the nail trend by storm. The manicurist will hand-paint some black freckles onto a white base or any other base color of your choice. 

Cheek Nail French Manicure 

Cheek nail French manicures are so popular that you can find these on every manicurist’s Instagram. You must be familiar with this nail design if you are on TikTok. As the name suggests, this design resembles flushed cheeks. To create this look, a shade of soft pink is added to the center of your nails. It is then brushed to give a center-focused gradient look. Not just that, they are usually accompanied by blue French tips to bring out the feminine look. 

Maximalist Brown Nails

For many people, brown has been associated with autumn only. However, in Korea, it is not that uncommon. The people from Seoul get their nails painted with neutral and autumn colors all year long. Even in summer, they paint their nails with shades of brown and often pair them with orange, purple, green, checkerboard designs, blue French manicures, and fun 3D shapes. 

nail trends in South Korea

Reverse French Manicure

If you have short nails and are looking for a Korean nail trend, then this design is perfect for your nails. There are ample French manicures, but this one is quite unique. To achieve this look, you paint the design of a French manicure at the lower end of your nails. It will give your nails a minimalistic look that is neither too simple nor too bold. 

nail trends in South Korea

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