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Seoul Fashion Week Delivers Hope and Courage with Retro Looks and K-Beauty

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The virtual Seoul Fashion Week fall/winter 2021 brought together unique designs, retro style, traditional K-beauty and delivered hope in pandemic times.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present a challenge in daily life, Seoul Fashion Week fall/winter 2021 delivered hope and courage through its virtual shows.

Seoul’s largest fashion event kicked off on March 22, and thousands of global audiences watched each runway show. A total of 43 designer brands from Korea showcased their latest collections at different locations. There were backdrops of gorgeous and magnificent museums, national treasures, and even artworks.

These 43 brands included 26 established designer brands from Korea like KwakHyunJoo Collection, aimoms, PARTsPARTs, and Saint Millwill. Generation Next included 17 rookie brands. These Korean fashion brands included Notknowing, October 21, and rinjeon.

Fashion Shows at National Museums!

For some fashion brands, the runways were Korea’s magnificent national museums – the National Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA). They showcased their collections highlighting Korea’s traditional beauty. This is the first time that two public museums were open for fashion runway shows.

Models wear PARTsPARTs clothing at MMCA Seoul. (Seoul Fashion Week)
Model wears PARTsPARTs clothing at MMCA Seoul. (Seoul Fashion Week)

Other locations in Korea like Oil Tank Culture Park and Sounyudo Park were some of the notable names in the list of runways.


Rookie fashion brand SETSETSET by designer J invited the audience into a Hanok guest room, ‘Sarang bang.’ The collection from the Korean fashion brand was about baggy jeans and lovely kitsch dresses in bright colors. It is a women’s fashion brand that aims to answer the question of “how do we present Korean culture in a more stylish and modern way?”

Lo Axual

Lo Axual (word meaning ‘for androgynous) is a Korea fashion brand by the designer Seo Jun-hyuk. Their show in the Seoul Fashion Week 2021 featured vintage and retro looks allowing people to remember the old days.

The show was filmed along the Han River, which runs in the middle of the country’s capital city. It created a dreamlike atmosphere to showcase a theme of a woman’s recollection of her youthful days.


Oct31 is a womenswear brand launched by designer Kim Sun-li. The fall/winter 2021 show in the Seoul Fashion Week featured designs inspired by the clothing style of the 1950s and the film ‘Carol.’ Its collection was also showcased against the beautiful backdrop of the Han River.


PARTsPARTs showcased its collection in front of the “Land with Eastern Tiles” artwork in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea. The Korean fashion brand aims to be a zero waste brand.

The show was based on the theme of ‘samadhi of Prajna’, which means ‘serenity of transcendent wisdom’. The complete collection was highlighted with Korean traditional designs. The show theme conveys a hope of returning back to the serene and tranquil lifestyle.


A Korean fashion brand by Choi Chung-hoon, Doucan, showcased a unique collection that was a mix of romantic fantasy and traditional looks. The runway for Doucan was the National Museum of Korea.

Doucan features exquisite handmade ornaments with unique illustrations. These illustrations take inspiration from history, art, nature, and culture.


Established but designer Park Youn-hee, Greedilous encourages people to love each other and support each other’s dream during the pandemic. ‘The Dream Pony’ collection from the Seoul Fashion Week show is all about that message. The runway for the show was the National Museum of Korea.

Seoul Fashion Week fall/winter 2021 ran virtually from March 22 to March 28. You can check out the runway shows from the 43 design brands on Seoul Fashion Week’s official website and YouTube channel

It is the second virtual fashion show from Seoul after the spring-summer 2021 collections from last year. This year, the shows moved away from the usual venue, Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul.

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