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Concept Korea’s Fall-Winter 2021 Lineup at New York Fashion Week

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Concept Korea, an international fashion collective that spotlights emerging Korean designers at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). It provides local Korean designers visibility at an international stage and the opportunity of expanding their businesses globally. Working in the same pattern, this year, in the Concept Korea Fall-Winter 2021 showcased talents of WNDERKAMMERul:kin, and JARRET at the NYFW. The collection was showcased digitally because of the restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with these designers from Concept Korea, the digital showcase also has special appearances from K-Pop stars – TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun (TXT), WayV’s YangYang, and soloist Bibi

Read on to find out more about Concept Korea’s Fall-Winter 2021 lineup and the brands featured in the New York Fashion Week show.  

K-Pop Artists and Concept Korea FW21 Collection at NYFW 

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea (MCST) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) organized Concept Korea’s digital showcase at the New York Fashion Week. The aim is to promote and support Korean designers to break into the American fashion industry.  

Bibi showcasing ul:kin

They made a smart move by roping in artists from the Korean music and pop industry to walk in the show. It will certainly attract K-Pop fans from all over the world to follow the show. Yeonjun from TXT and soloist BIBI showcased ul:kin, and WayV’s YangYang walked for JARRET. 

Concept Korea Fall-Winter 2021 Collection

concept Korea fall 2021 nyfw
The three participating designers for Concept Korea ― from left, Lee Seong-dong, Shin Hye-young, and Lee Ji-yeon / Courtesy of KOCCA 


The Korean fashion label derives its name from the German word ‘Wunderkammer’ that translates to ‘cabinets of curiosities.’ It is the place where a person collects special and personal memorabilia and things. WNDERKAMMER is celebrating its second year at the NYFW and has previously been showcased at the Paris Fashion Week and Seoul Fashion Week.  

WNDERKAMMER’s Fall 2021 collection takes inspiration from the wife of John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. She’s an enigmatic figure, and the collection showcases her minimalist, 1990’s era style. The whole collection reflects her tenacious spirit!  

wnderkammer concept Korea fall 2021

WNDERKAMMER’s FW21 collection imagines a world with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy with us and reinterprets her style for the modern woman. There are muted tones and minimal silhouettes with structured shoulders and clean lines. The style is basic, simple, and minimalistic. There is nothing fancy or colorful about this collection, but it still leaves a strong impression.  


It is a relatively new Korean fashion brand from 2014, making waves with its focus on sustainability. All the designs from the label are made with the intention of fluidity. There is no gender distinction – no separate menswear or womenswear. Each collection from the Korean fashion brand highlights different young artists and helping them enter the fashion industry.  

The FW21 collection from ul:kin is all about the theme ‘Slaughter.’ It points out that the way we are using natural resources will lead to some deadly consequences for humanity.  

ul:kin TXT Yeonjun concept Korea
TXT’s Yeonjun in ul:kin’s latest collection

The whole collection showcased at the NYFW FW21 collection is a metaphor for reckless self-sacrifice. It shows the many ways consumption can lead to long-term harm, and though the consequences may come in light in subtle ways, people tend to sweep the issues under the rug. The ul:kin FW21 collection is reflective of the same with its contrasting paneling and deconstructed silhouettes. The collection is based on upcycling, rebuilding, and deconstruction that showcases the theme.  


The Korean fashion brand, JARRET, has been around for a decade and made its debut in the Seoul Fashion Week of 2010. Traveling around the world and featuring in different fashion shows, it is making its comeback in the NYFW with a new Fall 2021 collection.  

The JARRET FW21 collection focuses on human narcissistic desire. It’s the story of the struggle as old as the time between one’s relationship with others and the outside world and with ‘Querencia.’ It is a Spanish word that refers to space where one feels fully at home and draws strength from.  

jarret fall 2021 concept Korea

The collection manifests this theme with graphic outerwear and suiting styles with contrasting fabrics. There is a major focus on tailoring and featuring some classic silhouettes. It is for women with a strong sense of identity and believes in majesty about own life.  

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