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5 Best Korean School Uniforms Famous for Its Aesthetic

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When you watch Korean dramas, you’ll see various school uniforms, sparking your desire to wear a pretty one at least once. Did you know that in South Korea, wearing school uniforms as costumes to play in amusement parks is actually a popular activity? It adds to the fun, giving you a unique sensation of traveling back to your school days. Indeed, school uniforms are very important. They create everlasting memories that stay in your heart for years to come. This is why some of the most popular Korean schools provide their students with the best school uniforms, boasting impressive aesthetic. Today, let us dive deeper into some of the best and prettiest Korean school uniforms that are sure to catch your eye!

A Brief Introduction

Before we observe further, let’s chat about Korean school uniforms. Just like how it works in countries with extreme-temperature seasons, Korean school switch the uniforms up as the season changes: summer and winter versions.

For the summer, it’s all about staying cool. Therefore, the uniforms usually have short sleeves, and the skirts are made from this really light fabric. And no, you can’t just wear them whenever you feel like it; they’re strictly for summer.

Indeed, schools in South Korea are pretty organized about this. They will let you know exactly when it’s time to switch from your summer to your winter wardrobe.

As winter approaches, the uniforms shift to long-sleeved tops and thicker materials to keep students warm. During the milder weather of fall and spring, students often opt for just the vest part of their uniform, without wearing the jacket.

In South Korea, most girls would typically wear the skirt, while boys would wear pants. However, there’s flexibility in the dress code allowing girls the option to wear pants if they prefer, ensuring comfort and personal preference are considered.

5 Korean School Uniforms Famous for Its Impressive Aesthetic

So, let’s take a look at 5 of the best Korean school uniforms that will surely turn your head due to its impressive aesthetics.

1. Hanlim Arts High School

Firstly we have Hanlim Arts High School, taking the prize for having some of the prettiest school uniforms out there. This school is famous for being one of the destined high schools for celebrities, including LE SSERAFIM member Huh Yunjin and ITZY members Chaeryeong, Ryujin, and Yuna.

The summer uniform look is crisp and classic: a white blouse with a navy tie, topped off with a neat pleated skirt and an elegant school crest. Transition to winter, and the style quotient only rises. Students dress in a tailored navy blazer with distinguished gold buttons, and girls pair this with a graceful gray pleated skirt, while boys opt for smart trousers. The white shirt and red-and-navy striped tie add a sophisticated yet vibrant touch to the ensemble.

It’s a stylish homage to school spirit and formality.

2. School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA)

Secondly, we have the bright orange school uniforms of Korean school, SOPA. This is also one of the most prominent high school, famous for its celebrity students, including BTS Jungkook and idol-actress Kim Minju.

5 Best Korean School Uniforms Famous for Its Aesthetic
SOPA uniforms. | Pinterest

The SOPA high school uniform is one of the most stunning Korean school uniforms with its iconic yellowish orange aesthetic. The uniform is so fashionable, as if its representing all the celebrities that had enrolled at the school.

The summer vibe at SOPA is so refreshing with its white short-sleeve shirt, accented with adorable, and either a quirky bow tie or a classic long tie. Girls would pair it with a smart pleated skirt while the boys with neat trousers.

In the winter, they take it up a notch with an eye-catching yellowish orange blazer and vest combo, accented with chic black. Navy bottoms complete the look—skirts for the girls, trousers for the boys—all crisp against a white shirt. So snazzy, right?

These uniforms are basically statement pieces that scream ‘school pride’ with a dash of star quality.

3. Chungnam Foreign Language High School

Thirdly, the sweet aesthetic of Korean school uniforms from Chungnam Foreign Language High School will surely turn your head. The school’s uniform set is basically a delightful showcase of artistic and youthful appeal.

Summer sees students in light blue, short-sleeved shirts with crisp collars, paired with navy pleated skirts or trousers, all brought together by a chic, striped tie. But it’s the winter ensemble that really stands out—think stylish blazers in a unique pink and gray palette, the girls in matching pleated skirts and the boys in complementary trousers.

Each piece is finely detailed with dark trim, creating an academic yet fashionable statement that makes these uniforms among the most impressive in Korean schools.

5 Best Korean School Uniforms Famous for Its Aesthetic
Chungnam Foreign Language High School Uniform | Twitter

4. Jeonju Fine Arts High School

One of Korean school uniforms with impressive aesthetic you will never forget is Jeonju Fine Arts High School. This is the school where Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and Seohyun once enrolled.

5 Best Korean School Uniforms Famous for Its Aesthetic
Jeonju Art High School Uniform. | Twitter

Jeonju Fine Arts High School’s uniforms are a beautiful fusion of tradition and modernity, perfectly suited for its artistic students.

For summer, they wear light blue dresses with playful ruffled sleeves and ribbon ties, topped with the school’s emblem—an ensemble that radiates a charming, vintage vibe. When winter arrives, the attire transitions to a more classic look: a navy blazer adorned with cheerful badge details, paired with a timeless tartan skirt.

This combination creates an impressive aesthetic that’s both stylish and befitting the vibrant creativity of young artists studying within its halls. It’s a truly picturesque expression of the school’s spirit.

5. Lila Art High School

Finally, simple yet iconic are the main characteristics of Lila Art High School Korean school uniforms aesthetic. Lila Art High School boasts some of the prettiest uniforms, masterfully blending chic design with youthful charm.

Lila School Uniform
Lila High School Uniform. | Twitter

Their summer attire features a sharp white blouse with a contrasting collar, set off by a statement striped bow tie. Girls wear a pleated black skirt and boys don trousers, both highlighted by elegant golden accents.

For winter, the navy blazer with the school’s crest creates a distinguished look, paired with a lively yellow-and-black tartan skirt for girls or classic beige trousers for boys.

The look is completed with a striped tie and an emblematic cardigan, striking the perfect note of formality with a playful edge. When Kpop idols like the Huening siblings—Kai and Bahiyyih—don these uniforms, they elevate the aesthetic, giving off the vibe of a music video shoot rather than a typical school day.

Finally, Korean school uniforms aren’t merely clothes; they’re canvases of culture, creativity, and community. From the timeless elegance of Hanlim Arts High School to the vibrant spirit of SOPA, each uniform embodies a unique story waiting to be told. These five schools don’t just set trends; they inspire generations, fostering a sense of pride and belonging that transcends fashion.

So, which uniform speaks to your style and spirit? Join the conversation and share your thoughts! Let’s celebrate the beauty and diversity of Korean school uniforms together.

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