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GLYF by Jeon Somi: The Beauty Launch That’s Turning Heads with Its Price

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The unveiling of GLYF, makeup brand by Jeon Somi, has sparked widespread curiosity. GLYF debut highlighter palette comes with a shockingly high price tag, stirring excitement and disbelief in the beauty community.

Jeon Somi’s GLYF Makeup Brand Launch: High Expectation Meet High Price

In a move that has sent waves through the beauty industry, K-pop soloist and fashion influencer Jeon Somi recently launched her makeup brand, GLYF. The brand’s debut was marked by unveiling its first product. The debut product, highlighter palette, has since been the subject of much conversation. Not only talked for its quality but also for its pricing.

Jeon Somi announced her social media platforms alongside the brand’s official account, @glyfing. The product has been put forward as the flagship of GLYF is a highlighter palette. Moreover, it is described as a revolutionary product that delivers a vivid glow with just a single swipe.

A Palette Inspired by Natural Luminosity

GLYF’s highlighter palette boasts four shades, each inspired by unique aspects of natural luminosity. From the immortal radiance reminiscent of vampire skin offered by Champagne Beam to the mysterious allure between pink and lavender hues captured by Lavender Beam, the palette promises diversity in the glow. The creation of this selection was no small feat. It involves the testing of over 50 highlighters from around the globe to achieve the ultimate high-beaming effect.

The Price Controversy

Despite the allure and the promise of unparalleled quality, the pricing of the highlighter palette has sparked a significant backlash. Priced at 43,000 won (approximately US$31.90), the cost has taken many by surprise, leading to criticism both locally in Korea and internationally. Critics argue that the quad palette’s simple packaging does not justify its steep price. Moreover, the Korean products are known for combining quality with affordability.

The reaction to GLYF’s pricing strategy has extended beyond Korean online communities, with international fans and beauty enthusiasts also expressing astonishment. This controversy highlights the delicate balance between brand positioning, product quality, and price perception in the competitive beauty market.

Looking Ahead: GLYF by Jeon Somi

As GLYF by Jeon Somiprepares for its full release on April 2, 2024, in South Korea, the beauty community watches keenly. The brand’s next steps, especially its pricing strategy, will be crucial in determining its position in the highly competitive beauty industry. Fans and critics alike await to see if GLYF can reconcile the high expectations set by its celebrity founder with the market’s demand for affordable luxury.

The launch of GLYF by Jeon Somi has undoubtedly made a splash in the beauty world, sparking conversations about what consumers value in celebrity-endorsed beauty products. As the industry evolves, GLYF’s journey may serve as a case study in balancing quality, branding, and consumer expectations.

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