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10 Korean Bag Brands Fashion Enthusiasts Need in 2024

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South Korea has emerged as a notable fashion hub, influencing everything from jewelry to streetwear. We’ve curated a selection of the most sought-after Korean bag brands, making waves both within South Korea and internationally, from Marhen.J to Kitch Studio. Whether you prefer a laid-back, sophisticated style or a blend of masculine and feminine, you’ll find fashionable bags to suit your taste here.

Korean Bag Brands Should Be Sporting Fashion Lovers

1. Marhen.J

Created by the Creative Director for K-pop groups TVXQ and Twice, MARHEN.J is a top choice for bag lovers. Striking a perfect balance between minimalist aesthetics and modern chic, it’s clear why it’s a brand of choice among Korean celebrities, including Seorina, who have made MARHEN.J bags a key part of their wardrobe.

2. Find Kapoor

Find Kapoor stands out as one of the Korean bag brands that genuinely excels in design. Their creations are so striking they seem less like mere accessories and more like art pieces. This brand distinguishes itself by blending timeless features with contemporary trends, resulting in unique designs that resonate with a broad audience. Find Kapoor uses playful colors and patterns to craft bold, unconventional art bags, not just fashion statements.

3. deMaker

deMAKER, synonymous with style and quality, offers modern handbags at affordable prices. Founded by two experts with deep roots in the fashion world, this label is all about leather bags that are fresh and different. Their bags like the Novah, with its round shape, and the Harper, a long, crescent-shaped shoulder bag, are some of the unique designs they offer.

4. Marge Sherwood

Marge Sherwood, which started in 2013, draws its name from a character in the 1999 movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” The brand, under the guidance of Sungeun Um and Sooyoung Kim, crafts elegant and contemporary handbags inspired by various art forms. They also manage NONSEASON, a secondary line from Marge Sherwood, offering more relaxed and everyday Korean bag choices.


OSOI, meaning “slow, patient” in Japanese, champions timeless accessories and shoes that complement any outfit. The brand is acclaimed for its unisex fashion, striking a delicate equilibrium between cutting-edge design and adaptability. OSOI is celebrated for its belt bags and architectural, geometric designs.

6. Joy Gryson

Joy Gryson stands out as one of a premium Korean bag brands, offering a diverse range of bags for every style and event, embodying luxury, allure, and distinctiveness. Fans of Korean dramas, especially those who have seen “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” might recognize the Margot Crossbody Bag, carried by Seo Ye-Ji, showcasing sheer elegance and fashion.


OSTKAKA, a Korean bag brand, elevates the classic bucket bag with inventive designs influenced by Swedish aesthetics. The Lycka Mini Bag, renowned for its minimalist elegance and distinctive knot detail, is one of OSTKAKA’s most sought-after pieces. The Lycka Quilting Tote, showcased by actress Oh Yeon So in her Dazed photoshoot, is an ideal pick for a touch of femininity. Both are available for purchase, promising to add a chic finish to any evening ensemble.


Pleats Mama is a Korean bag brand that stands out for its commitment to sustainability, creating fashionable items exclusively from recycled materials. Their focus on eco-friendly practices is reflected in their high-quality products and aligns with the growing global trend towards environmentally conscious fashion.

9. Alice Martha

Alice Martha is another Korean bag brand gaining popularity for its stylish and functional handbags. Known for combining practicality with contemporary design, Alice Martha offers a variety of bags that cater to different tastes and needs, often featuring clean lines, vibrant colors, and trendy details. Their collection is designed to appeal to those who appreciate fashion-forward looks and day-to-day usability in their accessories.

10. Kitch Studio

Kitch Studio is a Korean bag brand for those who favor a laid-back style and are hunting for their next ‘It’ bag. They specialize in fashionable tote and bucket bags designed with practicality in mind. The standout feature of Kitch Studio bags is the functional pockets, which provide a convenient way to store and organize everyday essentials, ensuring you can easily find what you need, like house keys, without any hassle.

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