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Biggest Korean fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2020

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As the weather warms up, we are looking forward to venturing outside and soaking up some Vitamin D after all the social distancing and self-isolation. You may even have some cute outfits that you’ve been waiting to show off. Do you feel like you’ve forgotten what it is like to wear something other than your sweatpants? 

Well, not to worry, we have picked out some of the biggest Korean fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2020 that you are gonna love! Go on, show off, and make your fashion statement with Korean style this Summer-Spring 2020. 

These latest trendy pieces of Korean fashion are well-loved by Korean celebrities. We have selected the ones which are most easily wearable and are simple enough to style! 

Puff Sleeves

There are so many iterations of cute tops and dresses, but right now, it’s all about puff sleeves in the spring-summer 2020. Voluminous sleeves in all shapes and sizes are dominating the Korean fashion industry and all across the globe. The trend is easy to style – you can pair a cute top with a puff sleeve with jeans or a mini skirt. Voila! You are all set with Korean style to make a statement! 

Try Naru Kang Square Neck Puff Sleeve Dress for this spring-summer 2020 trend.

Cropped Jackets

Cropped jackets were seen on several runway shows. It is also quite popular amongst Korean celebrities’ airport fashion styles. Cropped jackets are in trend as a great transitional piece. The spring-summer 2020 trend of the cropped jacket can be layered with shirts, and styled with dresses or jeans. The best part of the Korean style is that it gives an elongating and slimming effect on your silhouette. It is especially helpful for when we have been binging on food during social distancing and the expanding waistline! The cropped jackets will definitely make your legs look at least 10 cm longer! 

You can get QUIETLAB Glossy Faux Leather Jacket which is a cropped leather jacket.

Bermuda Shorts

The knee-length shorts have made a stylish comeback in the spring-summer 2020 fashion trends. Many Korean celebrities are already loving it. Bermuda shorts made an appearance in major designer shows, and the trend will definitely blow up this summer. You style the Bermuda shorts with blazers for a classical modern Korean style. Try wearing a vegan leather pair with a t-shirt for a much more casual look. 

Shop the trend – NEVERM!ND Faded Wash Denim Shorts

Leather Blazers

Leather jackets are popular all year, and spring leather blazers are becoming trendy this spring-summer 2020. The traditional jackets are outdated, but leather blazers are back in business after Kim Dani’s appearance in the hit Korean drama, Itaewon Class. It has become a new must-have Korean fashion item to add in your closet. Style the leather blazers with casual outfits and bold chain jewelry, just like Korean models. Show off your #OOTD with Korean style leather blazers. 

Show off a spring leather jacket – OURCOMOS 335 matte leather short jacket

Oversized Blazers

Oversized blazers have been around for several seasons, and it is not going away anytime soon. Lisa and Jennie from BLACKPINK are famous for their love of oversized blazers. The trend for spring-summer 2020 has been evolving, and the blazers are getting bigger and bigger each season. Oversized blazers are versatile, and you can style it with a classy, formal outfit. You can ton it down with t-shirts and sweatshirts for a more cool-girl vibe.

To try the look, you can get Must Jacket from MIXXO.

Big Collars

The classic button-down shirt has been around since the beginning of the time of the fashion industry. The micro-trend of big collars in the Korean fashion industry is growing on Instagram. Over-sized collar details like big pointed collars to large frilly lace collars create a minimal look all by itself. You can layer this spring-summer 2020 fashion trend with a sweater or cardigan to create a vintage-inspired look.

Shop for the trend at W.Concept – Monts 1106 String Colourway Blouse
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