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T-Glasses by LetinAR: Best Korean Eyewear with AR Technology

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T Glasses by Korean startup LetinAR will give you an immersive augmented reality experience with advanced PinWG technology embedded in eyeglasses.

Out of the five senses humans own, the sense of sight holds great importance. It lets you experience the outside world. Vision helps in expanding the neural sensors of the brain. It helps create photographic memory by capturing the scenes around you. You can even read minds by looking into their eyes. Every human comes blessed with the perfect vision, which could blur over time. It happens due to stress, genetic and environmental attributes. Glasses help in correcting your eye vision, and you see things better. LetinAR Inc. from Korea brings you the most efficient and modern eyewear combined with Augmented Reality. The company uses patent technology to bring you these unique glasses. 

About LetinAR Inc. 

LetinAR Inc is a Korean organization that came to life in 2016. They work on augmented reality and bring forward a new technology that can prove ground-breaking in the universe of technology. Relentless effort from the remarkable team at LetinAR brings forward their patent technology called PinMR lens. The founder found a gap in the eyewear market where people could not find the most accurate glasses. The other issue with the current products is that the glasses are not perfectly eye-shaped. The new technology improves the wearability and design of the glasses. 

The PinMR technology from LetinAR takes its inspiration from the classic pinhole camera design. The process at LetinAR replaces the pinhole with tiny mirrors. This effect directs the light coming from the display enters the wearer’s eye. The mirrors are small, and their position makes them invisible to the human eye. When this technology gets incorporated with standard glasses, you get a device that allows you to see the outside world with half the glass and AR-related display through the other half. This method and technology do not cause any disruption in vision either. The product from LetinAR brings forward the world’s first eyewear that harnesses this patented technology. 

LetinAR T-Glasses  

The search for affordable and trending AR smart glass ends with T-Glasses. This device combines the science of lenses with AR and brings you a pair of eyeglasses where you can see both together. With the use of their PinMR technology, LetinAR Inc. brings you this equipment. The mirrors that bifurcate the lens into two are not visible from the other side. Hence anyone looking at you will not know that you are watching a different world. 

The design of these glasses gives you the privacy of what you wish to watch. You can see the actual world and AR images parallelly without interference. The makers of this glass ensure you get 400×640 px resolution as well. At only 70 grams, it stands as the lightest product in its category. LetinAR installs software in these glasses that allows it to get connected to your mobile or laptop, and you can track what you watch. The unique features of the T-Glasses helped it reach the honoree list at the 2022 CES Innovation Awards

In the End!

Technology has woken up to the amalgamation of resources and sciences. With the PinMR patent and AR, LetinAR combined two powerful techs in one device. It finds use in many fields in inducing behavior correction from ADHD and even learning and development. Get your device today and explore its endless possibilities. 

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