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10 Korean beauty subscription boxes you need in your life right now

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The gift that keeps on giving! 

Nothing compares to the feeling of getting a long-awaited package delivered by your mailman. But, what’s even better is re-living that feeling every month without fail. And, how do you get that mix of anticipation and excitement? You can experience this feeling as you open your monthly Korean beauty subscription box full of new products.

Beauty subscription services are perfect for product junkies and commitment-phobes alike. If you want to explore new beauty and skincare products from Korean brands, a Korean beauty subscription box is perfect for you.

Here, peruse the 10 best Korean beauty subscription services your money can buy.


Beateque’s monthly box is perfect for K-beauty lovers out there. The beauty subscription box features full-sized trending products from Korean and Taiwan. It contains face masks, face mists, Korean serums, and anything and everything you can get your hands on!

What you get: The Korean beauty subscription boxes from Beateque deliver the latest in trending beauty technology for the true K-beauty addicts. Each month you will receive an exclusive hand-picked collection of K-beauty skincare and makeup that will transform your beauty routine.

What it costs: Beateque box costs $24 per month with free shipping.

Kiyomi Beauty

The Kiyomi Box is an easy way to stay on top of all K-beauty trends and products. You can elevate your skincare routine and discover endless Korean skincare products with two subscription options.

What you get: The Kiyomi Beauty Box delivers 5-7 full-size Korean Beauty products, including skincare, makeup, haircare, and more quarterly. The Kiyomi Beauty Pouch delivers 4 sheet masks monthly.

What it costs: Kiyomi Beauty Box costs $39.99 per season, and Kiyomi Beauty Pouch costs $9.99.


Facetory, a Korean beauty subscription box, is a perfect box for sheet mask connoisseur. The box delivers an assortment of sheet masks to your doorstep every month.

What you get: There are two types of subscription services – 7 Lux or Lux Plus. The first plan gives you seven sheet masks while the second one will provide you with 10-12 K-beauty products, including 5-6 sheet masks.

What it costs: Facetory 7 Lux box costs $19.90 per month, and Lux Plus costs $49.95 per season with free shipping.

The K-Beauty Box

The Korean beauty subscription box delivers the best of Korean beauty products every month. All the products are directly shipped from Korea, and it’s a fun way to discover new K-beauty favorites.

What you get: All the products included in The K-Beauty Box are professionally curated. It contains 4-6 full-size items and deluxe samples. They include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and even makeup products.

What it costs: The K-Beauty Box starts at $29.95 per month with free shipping.

Read more about The K-Beauty Box here.


You can get a one-time box, or you can subscribe to the Korean monthly beauty box. BomiBox is a curated selection of authentic Korean skincare products.

What you get: BomiBox features some of the best Korean skincare products that the country has to offer. You can opt for either BomiBox Mini or BomiBox Luxe, and they contain 3 to 8 full or deluxe-size products. The box includes K-beauty products for everything from haircare to skincare.

What it costs: BomiBox starts at $29.99 per month with free shipping.

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Pibuu Box

Pibuu Box delivers radiance and shine via the K-beauty products each month straight to your door. Each monthly delivery is perfect for re-upping your sheet mask stash anywhere from 6 to 10 face masks.

What you get: The Pibuu Mask includes the newest Korean face masks on the market along with the masks from established brands. These masks are of the highest quality, and the box allows you to discover what’s hot and new in Korea.

What it costs: Pibuu Box costs $18 per month.

Korean Beauty Subscription Box


Lengbox is the Korean beauty subscription box that was featured in Glamour, UK magazine as ‘skincare lover’s dream.’ It is voted UK’s Best Korean Beauty Box. You can discover some of the best Korean skincare, beauty, and cosmetics brands with a cult following.

What you get: You get 5-6 full-sized hottest K-beauty, and K-skincare products delivered straight to your door. With so many product options, you can find the best routine for your skin type. You can choose either a monthly or bi-monthly subscription option.

What it costs: Lengbox Monthly Subscription Box costs $37.55 per month.

Sooni Pouch

Achieve brilliant skin with Sooni Pouch subscription! Each Korean beauty subscription box is curated for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin. You can find a mix of deluxe skincare products, including sheet masks and hydrating creams. Every Korean beauty subscription box is curated to exceed customer expectations and offer them unique experiences.

What you get: There are 3 unique subscription options to choose from – Sooni Mask Pouch, Sooni Mini Pouch, or Sooni Pouch. Sooni Mask and Mini Pouch contain an assortment of 6-8 full-size luxurious K-beauty basics at a great price. Sooni Pouch comes with 10-12 Korean beauty products worth $100 per month.

What it costs: Sooni Pouch starts from $9.99 per month.

Pink Seoul Box

Pink Seoul gives you options to customize. You can personalize the Korean beauty box subscription service based on the skin type, skin color, and your target skin concern. The box can focus either on pigmentation, acne, pore, anti-aging, or general experimentation.

What you get: After making the selection, you will get a customized box with at least 4 full-size K-beauty products along with an accessory like hair or cosmetic accessory. Each item is thoughtfully curated, including the product description, instructions, and ingredient highlights. A box is delivered every 2 months until you cancel the subscription.

What it costs: Pink Seoul Box costs $39.95 per month.

Daebak Box

Daebak Box is like an ‘all you want from Korea’ kind of subscription box. It includes all the best and trendiest products of every season and delivers them straight to your door from Korea.

What you get: Each box is a surprise where you get to enjoy at least 8 full-size premium products ranging from K-beauty and K-pop to K-fashion and everything in between.

What it costs: Daebak Box Seasonal Plan costs $54.99 that renews every quarter.

Read more about Daebak Box here.

Have you tried any of these Korean beauty subscription boxes before? Which ones are your favorite?

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