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Etude House x Loacker Collaboration: A Tea Time Collection

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ETUDE x Loacker Collection includes the unique ETUDE K-beauty products in gorgeous wafer-inspired packaging that’ll remind you of tea time!

It’s all about having a good time when it comes to makeup. Experimenting with textures, colors, and methods is a great way to express oneself with makeup. Even better if the cosmetics come in unique packaging. Well-designed product packaging may make your beauty regimen even more exciting and inspiring.

etude loacker collection

ETUDE is a K-beauty brand noted for producing high-quality products in Instagrammable packaging. The collection demonstrates the K-Beauty brand’s commitment to developing innovative designs that improve the cosmetic experience. Remember ETUDE’s collaboration with Hershey’s with the Play Color Eyes Hershey’s Kisses Edition eye shadow palette, which comes in a charming, Kisses-shaped box.

Another example of ETUDE’s innovative endeavor is its recent collaboration with Italian wafer manufacturer Loacker.

The everyday cosmetic basics in this whimsical limited edition collection are packaged in eye-catching packaging inspired by Loacker’s crispy wafers. There are two lip tints, three eye shadow palettes, and two blushes in this exclusive ETUDE x Loacker collection. And the best part, all the products are named after Loacker’s iconic wafer varieties.

Sweet Layer Tint Loacker Collection

It comes in two shades – Vanilla and Napolitaner – both with a sweet wafer aroma. Vanilla is a bright yet warm coral beige in the shade, while Napolitaner is a deeper, richer rose color reminiscent of milk chocolate.

etude loacker collection

The color clings to lips effectively and lasts long after the gloss has worn off. The charming toy-like shape of the rectangular package makes it a delight to look at.

Play Color Eyes Mini Loacker Collection

There are three variants in this ETUDE x Loacker collection of eye palettes – Vanilla (beige nude tones), Napolitaner (deep tan colors), and Raspberry Yoghurt (featuring cool-tone pink shades).

There are matte and sparkly formulations in each of the four eye palettes from ETUDE. The textures merit a special mention, and the fine powders in each formulation are easy to blend and build for a more substantial color payoff.

The Vanilla and Napolitaner palettes’ neutral and tan eye shadows are lovely for daily eye makeup and contouring, while the Raspberry Yoghurt pink tones are perfect for more romantic looks.
It is specially packed in a wafer-shaped taking inspiration from the Loacker wafers, and fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

Sweet Layer Blusher Loacker Collection

The Sweet Layer Blusher Loacker Collection is available in two peachy pink colors – Vanilla and Napolitaner. These are ideal for spring and summer makeup, giving you a natural-looking flush.

etude loacker collection

The pressed powder blushes have a wafer-like waffle weave pattern imprinted on them, which is a wonderful touch that adds to the sweet tea-time vibe.

Furthermore, the rectangular case has a glass-like appearance and a premium feel to it. You can also use this blush as an eye shadow.

Overall, the ETUDE x Loacker collection will be a worthwhile addition to your makeup kits! Whether you are a fan of neutral shades or want to take your makeup to another level with some gorgeous packaging, this collection is a must-have for all K-beauty fans!

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