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Itaewon Class Style: Korean fashion brands that give Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Kim Dong-hee and Kwon Na-ra their rebellious looks in the hit K-drama

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Take a closer look at the Korean boutique brands that rocked on screen in the Korean drama, Itaewon Class.

Kids in Korean drama, Itaewon Class are rebels, tough-as-nails, stubborn as hell, and overall badass! What made their street styles look so cool? Check out the Korean street fashion brands which the Korean stars, Park Seo-joon, Kim Da-mi, Kim Dong-hee, and Kwon Na-ra rocked in the Korean drama. 

Not Your Rose

Park Sae-yo-ri’s first love, Oh Soo-ah (played by Kwon Na-ra), in the drama wears a head-turner black ruffled blouse from Not You Rose. She pairs it with a ruffled skirt and bootees as a part of her bloody rabbit costume. 


Not Your Rose is known for its feminine tops, skirts, and dresses. It is also a Korean fashion brand of choice of BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rosé as well as actress-singer IU. 


Park Sae-yo-ri plays tough-as-nails Park Seo-joon with a chestnut haircut and a cool laid-back style. Park Sae-yo-ri is a strong and dependable man who is the boss of his own restaurant, DanBam. His style reflects his personality. 

When it comes to the daily uniform, Sae-yo-ri chooses to wear bulky outfits. Oversized tops, hoodies, and puffer jackets paired with loose-fitting jeans or military pants. 


One of the most popular outfits from the hit K-drama is Sae-yo-ri’s denim variation of the puffer. 

WKNDRS is a lifestyle brand designed for individuals with an active routine and a unique sense of style. 

Meow by Mina

Jo Yi-seo, played by Kim Da-mi, is the DanBam’s trendy manager. She is also a bit sociopathic, an Instagram star, and badass through and through. With her blonde-dipped hair, her sly smirks, snarly remarks, and her combat boots, she is a fierce girl inside and out. 

Her leather jacket is undoubtedly one to look for! It features a red paisley print on the back, and it comes from the Korean fashion brand Meow by Mina. 


Meow by Mina is a Korean brand that is known for elevating simple leather wear into statement pieces. Even EXO’s Baekhyun wears gear from the brand, a half-white, and half-black rider jacket. 


You can see Dprique hoodie under the many layers of Sae-ro-yi’s bulky outfits. 


Dprique offers a fusion of high fashion and street style edge. The brand provides practical, wearable clothing that is reflective of what’s hip and happening in the Korean street culture. You can also see iKon members Donghyuk and Junhoe, and BTS’s Jungkook and Jin wearing the brand. 


Sae-yo-ri wears one of the Lab101 oversized shirts in Itaewon Class, which he layers over a grey hoodie. 

Lab101 is an expert denim brand from Korea. The brand believes in freedom of expression and creates iconic looks using denim as its canvas. It creates designs with a vision that dares to expand and explore beyond the tried-and-tested ways to reconstruct denim. 


Lab101 jeans are also popular amongst K-actors like Jung Hae-in, Ji Chang-wook, and K-pop star Henry to name a few. 


Lee Joo-young plays the strong-willed Ma Hyun-yo, DanBam’s transgender chef, with loads of spot-on OOTDs in the K-drama. She cooks all day and parties all night and wears her awesome InstaFunk leather coat in between. 


InstaFunk is created by stylist Jihye Kim who takes inspiration from the 1980s fashion. The brand is also worn by famous K-pop stars, including Krystal, SF9’s Rowoon, and even BTS’ Jimin, among many others. 


Oh Soo-ah works in the corporate office of Jannga Co., so her outfits focus on daily office wear. It consists of boss lady suits that reflect her elegance and no-nonsense character. One of her favorites is her matching Juun.J checked jacket with a skirt that features an asymmetrical ruffled hem. 

Juun.J long coat was a choice of outfit for Kim Da-mi, and even Sae-yo-ri wears the brand’s chequered shirts. 


Korean street fashion brand, Juun.J has perfected deconstruction and reconstruction of the traditional into new and on-trend pieces. They are inspired by youth and street style. It is one of Korea’s most popular brands. 

Are you wearing the excellent threads from any of these Korean streetwear brands?

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