Unveiling the Magic: Discover 7 Virtual K-pop Idols & Groups to Stan

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Unleash your inner K-Pop star and step into the world of virtual idols. Experience the thrill of powerful performances, addictive music, and a digital universe where dreams become reality. Get ready to be swept away by the future of music and entertainment!

Virtual AI K-pop idols have been making waves in the music industry, captivating fans worldwide with their incredible talent and unique style. These virtual idols have taken the K-pop scene by storm with their mesmerizing visuals and infectious music. In this article, we will shed light on some of the prominent virtual AI K-pop groups and idols, including K/DA, Mave, Plave, FE:VERSE, Han YuA, and more.

From Pixels to Stardom: Discover the Rise of Virtual AI K-pop Superstars!

Unveiling the Magic: Discover 7 Virtual K-pop Idols & Groups to Stan
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1. K/DA

K/DA, a virtual K-Pop girl group, is part of Riot Games and prominently featured in the League of Legends game. Comprised of Ahri, Evelynn, Kai’sa, and Akali, they made their debut on November 3, 2018, with the hit track “POP/STAR.”

2. Mave

Mave is a virtual Kpop girl group with four talented members: Siu, Zena, Marty, and Tyra. Their name, “MAKE NEW WAVE,” embodies their mission to revolutionize the K-pop industry. On January 25, 2023, under the management of Metaverse Entertainment, Mave burst onto the scene with their debut song, “PANDORA’S BOX.” This sensational track not only showcases their exceptional vocal abilities but also their masterful choreography. As a result, Mave has amassed a dedicated fan base, fondly referred to as “MAZE.” Their remarkable performances continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

3. Plave (플레이브)

PLAVE is a virtual boy group with five members, Yejun, Noah, Bamby, Eunho, and Hamin, under the label VLAST. They debuted on March 12, 2023, with the single album “Asterum.” The group’s name, PLAVE, combines “Play” and “Rêve” (French for “dream”). 

The members utilize motion capture technology to track their movements and expressions. Their fandom name is PLLI (플리), which represents unity in real life. PLAVE gained popularity with their powerful vocals and charismatic performances, particularly with their debut track, “Wait for You.”

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4. FE:VERSE (피버스 )

Feverse (피버스 / also stylized as FE:VERSE) is a virtual girl group created by Kakao Entertainment. Members Muneo, Seoritae, Keuang, Rien, and Serena formed the group through the survival show GIRL’S RE: VERSE. Their name, FEVER, is an abbreviation for “fever,” “ever,” and “verse,” representing their passion, eternal presence, and boundless universe.

They made their debut on May 9, 2023. FE:VERSE burst onto the virtual K-pop scene with their debut track, “CHO,” introducing fans to their awe-inspiring performances and addictive music. Their upbeat and vibrant sound captivated listeners, propelling FE:VERSE to the top of virtual AI K-pop charts.

5. Han YuA (한유아) 

Han YuA, a solo artist, emerged as one of the scene’s most promising virtual Kpop idols. Under YG KPlus, YG’s esteemed modeling agency, she debuted on May 25, 2022, with “I Like That”. Han YuA’s popularity soared when Giantstep, the creators of aespa’s acclaimed AIs, transformed her into a captivating AI persona. Han YuA’s mesmerizing vocals and haunting visuals captivate audiences. With emotionally charged ballads and well-executed choreography, Han YuA touches hearts worldwide.

6. Seung and Saejin of SUPERKIND (슈퍼카인드)

Seung and Saejin are two virtual idols from the sensational South Korean boy group SUPERKIND (슈퍼카인드) under Deep Studio Entertainment. Alongside their talented PRID counterparts, Daemon, Eugene, Geon, SiO, and JDV, these AI-powered superstars are pushing the boundaries of K-pop. The group made their remarkable debut on June 20, 2022, with the electrifying single “Watch Out.”

7. LULUPOP (룰루팝)

LULUPOP is a talented 3D digital girl artist, also known as a fashion doll, signed under SAMG Entertainment, a prominent South Korean animation studio. Collaborating with PURPLE KISS, she debuted on May 24, 2021 with the mesmerizing digital single “Find You.”


Virtual AI K-pop groups and idols have brought a new dimension to the music industry, offering fans a unique experience. K/DA, Mave, Plave, Han YuA, Seung, and Saejin of SUPERKIND, FE:VERSE, and LULUPOP are just a few examples of the diverse range of talent present in this virtual world. As technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate even more awe-inspiring virtual AI K-pop idols and groups to captivate us in the coming years. Stay tuned for the next wave of virtual sensations!

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