Top Video Streaming Services in South Korea

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The world is opening up to various nuances of Korean culture. With the worldwide acceptance of its movies and media, South Korea is etching its mark in the television and movie industry across the world. Some credit for this also goes to the growing content digitization industry. Various platforms that stream videos have made people open their eyes to South Korea. One outstanding example of this is the widespread popularity of K-Pop. People across age groups follow K-pop on mobiles and chat groups. With the video streaming business expanding rapidly, many streaming services have come up in South Korea.

South Korea is a Soft Spot for Growing VSS

Smartphones are in the passion of every individual in South Korea, and people here are technology savvy. Everyone wants to create content that would give them a space in the virtual world. The increased demands of social media popularity and K-series have taken the video streaming game in South Korea to a whole new level. It has become easier to get your one minute to fame. The young generation is avidly following influencers and YouTube, making this industry boom like never. SOVD providers in South Korea realize the growing demand and keep their charges pocket-friendly. The content is high definition, and you can relax and view it from the comfort of your home. The IT infrastructure support and 5G technology in South Korea also create a strong backbone for this growing sector.

What are the top Video Streaming Services In South Korea?

You must be familiar with the term OTT platform. It is the online streaming market that is currently worth $680 million in South Korea. As this content does not require a cable company or media house, consumers can directly view it with a smartphone and an internet connection. Within South Korea as well, the demand for screen services is at an all-time high. Some of the best ones are as below:  

Netflix Korea

This one tops the list in Korea. Netflix in the South Korean market is working with LG UP Plus Corp as a tie-up. Therefore, they are available for services on LG-pay TV. It is also in talks with Olleh TV and has a total paid subscriber base of 4 million. Netflix has been partnering with Korea since 2015 to stream popular Korean shows worldview owing to the increasing craze for Korean content.


Owned by South Korean companies called JTBC and CJ ENM, it has a library of previous popular video content and current chartbusters. This service provider has a mall that allows its users to go online and buy their desired series or movie. With a paid subscriber base of 2.5 million every month, post joining hands with JTCB, TVING has local and foreign content. With JTCB, which is also a broadcaster, its users have the privilege to watch channels from both broadcasters.    

YouTube Premium

In 2016, YouTube came up with its premium service named YouTube Red. It allows you to download videos for a monthly charge of 950 Won. It allows users to watch videos without the interruption of advertisements. Another feature it gives is playing video while using other apps. All these options are for the people that pay and take the subscription for YouTube Red. With many other options, this service is worth every penny.


SBS, MCB, and KBS together took the step to launch Wavve in 2019. One can take a yearly subscription, or even monthly options are available. Out of its 10 million subscriber base, 3.5 million are paid ones. With both options available, people have a choice to pay or watch for free. Wavve is one of the service providers that work on creating self-made content. They are very particular about their user policies and implement strict child viewing rules. Wavve provides convenient methods to purchase videos and even allows people to recommend top content. They are a home company that wants to gain worldwide popularity. Talks of a merger with TVING could get them at par with Netflix.

To Wrap It Up!

With more video streaming services eyeing the South Korea market, competition is going to get tough. That is always good news to the consumer as they get options in content and services. The aspect of video streaming brings about in change in the lifestyle of the South Korean public. Convenience always wins; taking the effort of driving to a movie theatre may soon be a thing of the past. Check out these services and enjoy binge-worthy content at home.

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