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Nighttime Skin Care Routines of Your Favorite K-pop Stars – Members of TWICE, Everglow, and Monsta X

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In the State-side, 10-step skin care routines have become the representation of Korean beauty and skin care. Most people assume that your favorite K-pop idols have a long and complicated regimen, and some of them actually do, but extensive routines are not a norm! 

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Many K-pop stars only use a few steps in their skin care routines. The post is a compilation of K-pop stars interviews with Allure. 

Although K-pop stars cannot share their favorite K-beauty products because of endorsement deals and contracts. Luckily, there is no restriction in sharing the steps! 

One thing that is common amongst all girl and boy bands is that double cleansing is a must. It involves washing with an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser to remove makeup and dirt. 

Check out the skin care routines of K-pop idols, and you can use them as a blueprint to create your own routine. There is no routine set in stone, and you have to customize it based on your skin for the best results. 

Aisha of Everglow – 9-Step Skin Care Routine

Aisha is the lead rapper and resident makeup artist of the K-pop girl band, Everglow, that was established in March 2019. 

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She uses three products for cleansing and removing her twinkling stage makeup – eye makeup remover, cold cream, and a water-based cleanser. 

Toner comes next in the routine, along with a hydrating ampoule. Both work together to elevate the levels of dewiness. 

Next, she smears on lotion and moisturizer – lotion has thinner, milky consistency while moisturizer is thicker and creamier. 

To lock in all the hydration from skin care products, she layers a facial oil on the top. For Aisha, it is the most crucial step in her routine, as it is the most nourishing. The facial oil creates a barrier, and your skin can retain all the moisture for a lot longer. 

Lastly, she applies a lip balm to keep her lips soft and plump. 

I.M of Monsta X – 6-Step Skin Care Routine

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I.M is the youngest member of the boy band, Monsta X. His nighttime skin care routine is quite simple. 

Firstly, he washes his face with an electric cleaning brush. 

Next, toner and essences followed by lotion and night cream. He uses an oil-free night cream because of his acne-prone, oily skin. 

And lastly, he applies an eye cream to finish off the routine. 

Momo of TWICE – 5-Step Skin Care Routine

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For Momo, every day is a new day, and so the products in her nighttime skin care routine keep changing. 

She washes her face with a cleansing device followed by another device. Details about the second device aren’t very clear. 

Next comes a toner pad as an all-in-one K-beauty product. It takes care of hydration, brightening, and smoothing steps. In the same step she also applies a lotion. 

Currently, a sleeping mask is her last step of the nighttime routine for all-night-long hydration. 

Jihyo of TWICE – 7-Step Skin Care Routine

Jihyo definitely needs no introduction along with her band, TWICE

nighttime skin care routine

The routine kicks off with a three-stage makeup removal – eye makeup remover, cleansing milk, and water-based cleanser. 

Eye makeup remover takes care of mascara and eyeliner while the cleansing milk deals with the rest of the makeup. She believes that cleansing milk is gentler as compared to an oil-based cleanser. 

After that, rinsing with a water-based cleanser washes away all the dirt, sweat, and any other impurities. 

After proper cleansing, Jihyo moves on to toner, essence, and moisturizer part of the routine. It helps in replenishing moisture levels and keep it looking plump and pore-free. 

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Hyebin of Momoland – 5-6-Step Skin Care Routine

nighttime skin care routine

Hyebin, Momoland’s oldest member, typically washes her face and then wipes down the water with Korean cotton pads. She doesn’t use a towel to dry off her face. It helps in keeping the skin moist and irritation-free. 

Then comes the layering of products, including toner, essence, and serum.

If her skin is dry, then she puts on a moisturizer but mostly in winters.

In the next post, we will cover nighttime skin care routine for K-pop stars, including Joy of Red Velvet, Yeosang of ATEEZ, Baekhyun of EXO, and Felix of Stray Kids. 

Let us know in comments whose nighttime routine inspires you the most! 

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