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All You Need to Know About Korean CC Creams

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The world of beauty is analogous to an ocean. Among the layers of makeup that are usually applied to one’s face to give a smooth, flawless appearance, there is one product that confuses even the brightest minds. Whether you are a novice or an expert with face creams, the term CC cream has perplexed you at some point. Don’t be concerned! The more you search, the more interesting the discovery becomes. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this mysterious cream and which Korean CC creams are best for you.

What is a CC cream?

The CC here stands for the color corrector. It is designed especially to take care of facial discoloration and make it look even and smooth. It is made in more of a cream that can glide over the facial skin and not look unnatural. Generally, all CC creams come infused with SPF properties and double up as sunscreens as well. Now, it is not a foundation. It is also not a base or a primer. You can use a foundation over it, but a CC cream on its own does the job for a no-makeup look. How does the cream work, and how do you use it? Well, that is a legitimate question. To answer this first, understand the foundation on which this cream is based. 

Foundation of a CC Cream 

Before you run off to buying this cream, first sit back and understand how it works. The aim of a CC cream is not to match the color of your skin. It is to cover the problem areas of your skin. This product uses the science of color therapy. The color wheel has hundreds of colors, but the basic ones are blue, yellow, red, green, orange. Here colors that are opposite n the wheel cancel each other out. 

This is where a CC cream comes to your rescue. Instead of guessing and trying to figure out which corrector is required where on your face, all you need is a CC cream to do it all for you.  

Benefits of Korean CC creams

Besides just being an awesome cover-up, CC creams come with various advantages. To name a few: 

  • A CC cream with strong SPF can also work well as a sunscreen and does not require layering of another product on your face.
  • As compared to two to three layers of makeup, CC cream is light and results in lesser clogged pores or acne due to them.
  • It is versatile as it can work both as a stand-alone makeup for a light day or as a base to another primer or foundation.
  • They are not as oily as BB creams or other foundations hence do not cause build-up and can be used for oily skin type.
  • It can be paired with dewy lip color and eye makeup for a brunch date or just a walk in the park—no need to spend hours covering those deep blue veins.
  • Lastly, a Korean CC Cream does what its name stands for. It corrects the complexion of the skin and evens out the face. Whether you suffer from dark circles or spots, choose the right cream for you to and see the change yourself.

Common Ingredients of a Korean CC Cream

They may look ordinary, but they pack a CC cream with powerful products that work in tandem to give you a flawless look. A few of these ingredients are: 

  • Firming agents – Firming is an important part of beauty, and special agents that result in skin firming are a part of it. Hydrolyzed collagen and peptides are some of these agents 
  • SPF – A lot of creams have minerals that provide their SPF properties. Titanium and zinc oxide gives it this property. 
  • Soothing – Shea Butter and green tea are often on the ingredient list of these creams that provide soothing 
  • Protectants – Skin protectants like antioxidants and vitamins are an integral part of CC Creams
  • Skin Brightening – A lot of CC creams come with licorice roots extracts and niacinamide that brighten the skin. These ingredients also give it anti-aging properties. 

Which Is the Right One for You?

If you are finally gearing up to buy a Korean CC cream for yourself, you must know how to select the right one. Follow a few simple steps to select the right one for you.

  • Pick your shade – Generally, Korean CC creams come in three shades suiting the skin tones. As per them, you would either fit in the fair-light category or Light-medium or medium-deep category. Always try a tester on the back of your palm or forearm. 
  • SPF is mandatory – As you would most probably be wearing a CC cream with no makeup, always pick one with SPF. It would save time, and you do not have to worry about sunscreen separately.
  • Through coverage – The CC cream should be smooth and well tainted. The coverage it gives should be good enough for you not to need a foundation. 
  • Skin type – Always select a cream that suits your skin type. The best part is, while a CC cream goes well with normal skin, it is even suitable for oily or sensitive skin. 

Korean CC Creams Vs. Korean BB Creams

After looking at the benefits and selection process of Korean CC creams, it is time to look at the daunting question of the difference between a CC and a BB cream? While it may look like a play of alphabets, there is a vast difference between a Korean BB and a Korean CC Cream. Both these work on giving you a clearer look and making skin look hydrated and fresh. However, there are two basic differences between the two.

  • A BB cream gives less coverage than a CC cream. While it is good for a no-makeup day, a BB cream will not fully cover all skin flaws, and a CC cream would.
  • The work of a BB cream is only to cover blemishes and spots and not work on skin tone, correct as a CC cream does. 

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Besides these, both creams work towards improving skin texture and provide sun protection.

In the End!

The words lightweight, easy to use, and effective define CC cream. The application of this cream is simple and does not take much time. This cream does not require any special training to apply and look fresh. With its SPF protection, this cream is a must-have for everyone. It’s the quick fix in skincare that everyone needs in today’s fast-paced world. Pick the right CC cream and discover its benefits, whether you are already a regular user or plan to purchase one after reading this article.

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