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Discover a Fresh Brew with BTS V – the New Brand Model of Compose Coffee

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South Korean popular coffee chain Compose Coffee has announced Kim Taehyung, known as BTS V, as the new Brand Model of the Korean coffee brand.

BTS V Becomes the New Face of Compose Coffee – Korea’s Most Loved Coffee Brand

Establishment and Achievement

Compose Coffee was founded in Busan in 2014. They launched the Espresso blend Bitterholic and started with ten shops in the same year. Compose Coffee has been rapidly growing and has surpassed 2,400 stores this year. The brand aims to surpass 2,500 stores and further expand globally.

 In 2022, the Minister of Industry honored the brand with the Korea Franchise Grand Prize. In May 2023, Forbes Korea honored Compose Coffee as the nation’s favorite coffee shop at the 2023 Korea’s Most Loved Brand Awards, sponsored by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. This recognition highlights Compose Coffee’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

1st Compose Coffee First Store in Singapore

The brand recognized the potential of international markets, particularly in Southeast Asia. They opened their first store in Singapore in September 2023. This strategic move allows the brand to assess the market and determine the feasibility of future expansions based on the branch’s performance.

The New Model of Compose Coffee: BTS V

BTS V, the new brand model of Korea's popular coffee brans, Compose Coffee | Compose Coffee
BTS V, the new brand model of Korea’s popular coffee brans, Compose Coffee | Compose Coffee

Compose Coffee has chosen Kpop star BTS V as its official new face in 2023 to strengthen brand awareness and accelerate international expansion. It’s reported that V finished filming the advertisement before his military enlistment.

With the tenth anniversary approaching, Compose Coffee will kickstart its promotions featuring BTS V as its brand model. The promotions include displaying posters in their shops this month and airing promotional video ads on TV in January 2024.

Rumors suggest the shop will put up Taehyung’s advertisement posters next Monday. Customized cup holders adorned with Taehyung’s face will also be available starting next week. There might also be a V drink in February for spring.

BTS fans in South Korea eagerly await the release of the products featuring BTS’ V at local stores. What’s even more exciting is that international fans also show keen interest in trying out these products. The recent announcement of BTS V as the new brand model for Compose Coffee has generated a lot of buzz among fans worldwide.


Compose Coffee offers diverse beverages, including coffee, tea, and smoothies. Some popular drinks include iced Americano, latte, and caramel macchiato. In addition to beverages, Compose Coffee offers mouthwatering freshly baked croffles, waffles, sandwiches, and more to accompany your activities.

The appointment of BTS’ V as the brand ambassador for South Korean coffee chain Compose Coffee, a beloved coffee brand in Korea, is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the international market. Compose Coffee has already garnered anticipation and admiration from coffee enthusiasts with its exceptional flavors and delightful coffee offerings. With a commitment to excellence, Compose Coffee aspires to bring its unique blend of quality and innovation to coffee lovers around the world. Get ready for a truly remarkable coffee experience!

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