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Korean Startup Zikooin’s Unlimeat – A Plant-Based Meat

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Zikooin, a South Korean-based producer of plant-based meat called Unlimeat, whose preparation is from upcycled grains and it is making waves in the food industry.

Vegan meat has been consistently rising in popularity across the globe in the last some years. Soy-based it provides an excellent alternative to the actual meat such as chicken, beef, and pork. Innumerable companies have come up with countless options of meat created from plant products. One company originating from Asia has upended the game and exploded in the last four years, capturing the market everywhere by offering Zikooin Unlimeat–plant-based meat.  

About Zikooin

Min Keum Chae established Zikooin, a food manufacturing organization, in July 2019. Born out of the desire to curtail food wastage and reduce the environmental impact of meat consumption, the company sells beef-like meat products purely made out of plants. Headquartered in South Korea, it has made great strides in the United States in the year 2020. In the same year, the company received funding to the tune of 4 billion won, which is 3.4 million US Dollars from the investors.

The company focuses on consumers, and it aims to improve the taste of the products continuously. The primary objective is to bring the Unlimeat line to the mainstream in South Korea and the world. The organization is adept at market research, product localization, and developing new products based on market insights.

What is Zikooin Unlimeat?

It is the range of flagship products from Zikooin. It is essentially a meat-like product that comes from plant ingredients. They are created from grains, nuts, and oats, which are likely to be thrown away because they are not perfect. These ingredients are up-cycled, powdered, and made into dough. Zikooin Unlimeat shapes this dough into meat products and slices and textures like actual meat. The patented technology of protein compression, also known as protein molding exclusion, creates the final products.

There are a wide variety of products to choose from, sliced beef, both plain and BBQ, meat dumplings, sausages, patties, and pulled beef. These can create an array of dishes that have beef as the key ingredient. It is an excellent substitute with great taste.

Current Happenings 

Today the Zikooin Unlimeat products are on sale in South Korea, United States, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia. The firm has created solid alliances across these countries to expand its market. They sell products through Subway in South Korea, Kind Kitchen, Green Common, Sensory Zero and MOTT32 in Hong Kong, Crystal Jade in China, Ploma, and Super Fresh Market, in the United States. They sell these innovative replacements to beef both online and offline.  

Zikooin Unlimeat Popup

Future Plans 

As per the Global Plant-based Meat Market Report 2021, the industry is forecasted to reach 14.9 billion US dollars by 2027. This provides an excellent opportunity for all players in the industry to increase their market share actively. Zikooin wants to educate the customer, be a friendly and easily approachable brand. It aims to compete against soy-based meat products by highlighting the better taste of Zikooin Unlimeat. It also emphasizes on how it can be used in a variety of dishes. Zikooin is likely to partner with more restaurants and grocery stores in the future. Whole Foods and Costco in the United States are the top contenders. Ultimately, it wants to offer the best product and send a message to all current and potential customers that Zikooin Unlimeat–plant-based meat is the tastiest meat out there. 

To Sum Up

The alternative meat market is seeing a swift increase in demand. A lot of innovation has happened in this space, and the competition is fierce. People have slowly become more conscious of their eating habits and are demanding vegan products. They want more environment-friendly options. As the awareness about the ill effects of the animal meatpacking industry spreads, more and more individuals are likely to move from non-vegetarian to a vegetarian or a vegan diet. Zikooin is already a leading player in the market in South Korea and has the potential to achieve a lot of success in other parts of the world.  

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