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Gentle Monster and Ambush Collab Again With The Exploration-Themed “Carabiner” Range

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It is no secret that South Korea is leading the world into a new era. From technology to business, they’ve consistently ranked high on every index that measures innovation. The same holds true for fashion as well. 

The Korean Wave (or Hallyu, as the unprecedented phenomenon has been christened) has thrust Korean culture into the spotlight, with global exposure to Korean trends at an all-time high. Nothing spells this out more clearly than the rising dominance of K-fashion. 

From Louis Vuitton to Givenchy, most luxury fashion brands have appointed a K-idol as their global ambassador (hello, BlackPink!).

 Closer to home, K-fashion brands continue to push the envelope with every passing day. Leading the charge is the luxury eyewear brand Gentle Monster, who have just announced their second collaboration with Ambush.

A Hallyu-stic Affair: K-idols are Fashion’s Latest Muses

After a year of important social movements rising up all across the globe in the wake of a raging pandemic, one thing has become abundantly clear: there is unity in diversity. Inclusivity is the norm of the day. And that idea is revolutionizing the way we live our lives. 

Representation is becoming more diverse, with the Biden administration in the United States appointing more non-white government officials than ever before. But this wave of change is not simply restricted to governance. Global brands are also becoming more inclusive, and that wave of change corresponds with the Hallyu craze. It was definitely written in the stars, wasn’t it?

Seventeen major luxury fashion labels have appointed Korean idols (and actors) as their global ambassadors. The most notable ones? Louis Vuitton nabbing the services of K-gods BTS (we don’t make the rules) and Givenchy announcing Aespa as their first-ever South Korean ambassadors. 

The world seems to be going where South Korea goes, so when Gentle Monster announced their second collaborative range with Ambush, we had to notice.

Gentle Monster’s Second Collab in 2021 is their Second with Ambush

Dua Lipa’s favorite sunglasses brand has been shaking up the industry for a while.

Their last 2021 collaboration was with World of Warcraft, the popular online MPRG game. The sleek, ethereal “Spectral Sight” glasses were a typical Gentle Monster affair: fluid design, sharp features, and an oh-so-appealing look. 

Their first collab with Ambush was an equally eye-catching affair, too! The ZIP TIE collection celebrated both brands’ energy and creativity. A fashionable zip tie mounted in the middle of those shield-type full acetate body sunglasses made industrial look uber-trendy and came in three flashy-yet-classy shades. 

⁣Billie Eilish wearing the GENTLE MONSTER x AMBUSH ZIP TIE collection in Elle USA 

Their second collab with Ambush (and second collab in 2021), put simply, celebrates the spirit of exploration.

A Range Inspired by Exploration: Gentle Monster x Ambush Collection – The Carabiner

Ambush started out as an experimental jewelry line over 5 years ago and has since diversified into unisex luxury fashion.

 This rapid ascent to success reflects in their Gentle Monster collaboration. Named Carabiner, this range of sunglasses takes inspiration from the spirit of exploration that propels mountain climbers to pursue newer heights. 

A two-piece collection, this range is defined by the D-shaped carabiner clip that holds together the glasses’ frame with effortless grace and swagger. Both iterations, the square acetate and the cat-eye acetate, come in three stylish hues: black, blue, and black frames with orange-tinted lenses. 

Each brand’s identity shines through this team-up. Gentle Monster’s knack for creating out-of-the-box yet tasteful eyewear is on full display, while Ambush’s industry-influencing creativity shares the pedestal at equal footing. Together, they’ve created a collection that embodies South Korea’s penchant for consistent innovation.

A Collaboration with Industry-Shifting Implications

When your brand’s leading creative mind is constantly associated with fashion’s biggest names, you know you have a special place in the industry. That is the case with Ambush’s Creative Director YOON. 

A juggernaut in the fashion industry, YOON has spearheaded collaborations with Nike, Off-White, Dr. Martens, Louis Vuitton, BVLGARI, and many other leading names in fashion. She was appointed the jewelry designer for Dior Men’s in 2018 and is a close friend of the creative genius behind Off-White, Virgil Abloh. 

With such industry pedigree, it was only a matter of “when Ambush will take off,” not “if.” And take off it has! 

With Ambush becoming a finalist for the prestigious LVMH Prize in 2017 and ramping up their appearances in some of fashion’s most extravagant events as a headlining act. 

As noted previously, Gentle Monster has also broken into the mainstream by creating a home for itself with some of the leading stars in entertainment. The Carabiner Collection’s launch, too, had that signature Korean touch to it, as it was accompanied by an MV from rising rap sensation Ash Island. 

Gentle Monster x Ambush’s carabiner collection featured in DAZED Korea editorial with Ash island.

Suffice it to say, this collaboration with Gentle Monster will see both companies continue to do what they do best: innovate and create new forms of fashion that leave minds enraptured with their inherent creativity.

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