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Cool Korean Accessories for Summer That You Didn’t Know You Wanted

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We are right in the middle of summer, and you’ve collected all the necessary clothing for this heat. But, what about the accessories? It’s challenging to find the right set of accessories if there is no inspiration. It is a fact that accessories can elevate your appearance greatly if you choose them correctly. We are here to suggest some of the coolest Korean accessories that will enhance your summer looks and help in battling the hot temperatures.


There are so many options to choose from! You can go with the classic carry-on tote bags, or you can find something that is waterproof and more beach friendly. If you are an outdoorsy person who likes picnics on the beach, you can also select a basket bag soft woven from wicker or straw.

spring summer 2020 handbag trends
Tote Bag


Sunglasses not only make you look sexy but also, more importantly, protect your eyes. They are one of the most coveted summer Korean accessories that everyone wants. You can choose oversized sunglasses or something with a more angular frame. It can be any shape with sharp lines and corners – a triangle, rectangle, hexagon or even diamonds.

Angular pair from Gentle Monster

Silk Scarf

Scarves are something that is always in style, especially silk scarves. You can wear them around your neck or wrap them around your bag and picnic basket. With a silk scarf around your neck, your looks instantly transform into something classier. A scarf simply elevates your handbag and makes it unique with the addition of the scarf on the handle or strap of the bag.

korean accessories for summer
Scarf makes the handbag look more sophisticated


The 90’s bucket hats are famous again! They can shield your face from the sun and make you look super stylish. Go with a classic check print or a bright popping color and pair it with your outfit.

Classic bucket hats

You can still go with the classic sun hats with wide brims if you find them out there. It can be a regular fabric hat or a raffia hat with frayed edges.

Neon Accessories

Another blast from the past! You can have neon-colored bags, footwear, or even beachwear. They will just add pop and brightness to your appearance. You can even buy neon frame sunglasses in angular frames! You can spice your plain, colored outfit with some chunky and neon jewelry.

korean accessories for summer
NOMORE neon yellow bag from PLAYNOMORE


When you think of pearls, you would directly think about a strict grandma-style collection. But this is something totally different. Pearls are being used in stylish ways, a completely re-imagined look! They are used in hair accessories, rings or sometimes on the frames of your sunglasses.

Korean Accessories Hair
Pearl hairpins


It is one of the most important Korean accessories for your outfit. For this summer, pair a slim necklace with bold and huge statement earrings. They can be extra-large that graze your shoulders, and you can pair them with an off-shoulder top.

korean jewelry

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