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Best Korean Special Edition Sneakers

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Special edition sneakers are a highly competitive place where only a few sneakerheads get to purchase one of these sneakers. In recent years, global sneaker brands have been taking a leap in creating some of the finest Korean special edition sneakers. With Korean millennials accepting to try global brands, here are the best Korean special edition sneakers. 

1.    Nike Dunk Low “Seoul”

In 2021, Nike released Dunk Low “Seoul” as a symbol to celebrate South Korea’s independence day. The shoe has blue and red accent color, which represents the color of the South Korean flag. This design honors people that represent land while black and those who suffer from the oppression of the government. The white color in Nike Dunk Low “Seoul” represents the peace that finally took place. With this much history behind the meaning of this shoe, it is one of the best Korean special edition sneakers. 

2.    Nike Air Jordan 3 “Seoul”

Nike Air Jordan 3 “Seoul” is launched in honor of the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 3 and the Seoul Olympics 1988. These sneakers were originally available in 2018, and they are available for both men and women. Nike Air Jordan 3 “Seoul” has the colorway of South Korea’s flag with blue and red color in the color area and the rest in white. In addition, there is an elephant prink on the mudguard and heels. There is also a Korean flag design on the tongue of the right pair. 

3.    Adidas Ultraboost 4.0 “Seoul 1988”

Another sneaker celebrates the 30th anniversary of the 1988 Korean Olympics but this time, the sneaker is from Adidas. This is Adidas Ultraboost 4.0 “Seoul 1988′ with bright accents that represents the color of South Korea’s flag. This sneaker has a resemblance to Nike Air Max 90 with its primeknit design. The heels of the sneaker are bright red, and most of the body is white color. The burst of color delivers a sleek design while paying homage to South Korea’s flag at the same time.  

Korean Special Edition Sneakers

4.    Puma “Seoul Camo” Trinomic KT2

To make “Seoul Camo” Trinomic KT2, Puma collaborated with a popular Korean streetwear brand “thisisneverthat” in 2014. The designer of this sneaker implements certain elements of the current trends in this sneaker. This sneaker is made with high-quality leather, which makes it durable and flexible like any other Puma shoe. Puma “Seoul Camo” Trinomic KT2 has thermal comfort, which is well-balanced.

5.    Nike Air Force 1 Premium “South Korea World Cup”

Nike released a series of air forces with different color palettes which are inspired by South Korean teams. One of the sneakers is the Nike air force 1 premium “South Korea World Cup.” As the name suggests, this sneaker commemorates the 2006 World Cup by using the South Korean flag’s color. The red and blue colors are prevalent in this sneaker, with almost all of the shoes filled with these two-color. After that, the rest of the body is in white as usual. The patent leather heel has a royal tone of blue with the Nike logo in red color. The overall design screams a stylish sneaker due to it being the infamous air force. 

6.    Nike Air Max 97 “Neon Seoul”

The designer of this sneaker, Gwang Shin, is the winner of the 2018 Nike On Air contest. Gwang Shin is a graphic designer who is behind the design of the Nike Air Max 97 Seoul, and the design showcases the nightlife energy of South Korea. The sneaker includes neon strips consisting of red and blue color reminiscing South Korea’s flag. 

Korean Special Edition Sneakers

7.    Nike Air Presto “South Korea”

Nike Air Presto “South Korea” has a tiger skin pattern which has a long history in Korean culture. The tiger design pattern has inspired various art in fashion, including the Nike Air Presto “South Korea.” This sneaker commemorates the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and it has one of the unique colorways in all of the sneakers on this list. It also has a connection to the Pusan panthers from the Pusan American school. 

Korean Special Edition Sneakers

Korea has a distinctive fashion community, with its street style being one of the most prevalent ones. These limited edition sneakers inspired by South Korea are definitely the ones to look out for if you want to have a great fashion sense. In addition, coping with these sneakers also lets you show your love for South Korea at the same time.   

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