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Korean startup Reziena’s cosmetic products

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Reziena is a Korean startup that develops personal homecare beauty IoT devices. It provides customized skincare solutions and anti-aging beauty devices for home use. All of this is supported by a mobile-based beauty therapist and personal care guide.

In the last post, we covered the IoT devices from Reziena designed to make your skin stay youthful!

Reziena cosmetics are designed as double functional cosmetics – Whitening + Anti-wrinkle. These cosmetics have anti-aging, moisturizing, skin regeneration, brightening, skin-soothing, and skin tightening effects.

Reziena cosmetics ingredients

The core ingredients of the Reziena cosmetics are hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptide, ceramide NP, glutathione, and idebenone. These ingredients play an important role in improving skin elasticity and health.

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen – it helps in collagen production in the skin which results in maintaining skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid – forms a moisture barrier over the skin
  • Peptide – for wrinkle improvement and skin whitening as the microparticles infiltrate deep into the skin
  • Ceramide NP – micro-particles of ceramide and moisturizing ingredients help in reducing the loss of moisture from the skin
  • Glutathione – skin whitening, improvement in skin texture, elasticity improvement, and prevention of skin oxidation
  • Idebenone – protects from ROS


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Young&be White Plus Repair Cream

The main ingredient of this repair cream is Centella Asiatica Extract. It protects the skin from any external irritation. It also helps to promote the skin’s natural healing ability which enhances the skin elasticity. The repair cream also soothes any damaged and sensitive skin helped by hydroxydecyl ubiquinone.


Young&be Face Treatment Ampoule

It is a rejuvenating ampoule that improves skin health. The ampoule helps in improving the smoothness and firmness of the skin. Instead of water, it contains Propolis which provides vitalising energy into the skin so it looks healthy and vitalized. It also has skin whitening effect and it moisturizes the skin.


Young&be Daily Hydrating Care Gel

The hydrating care gel can gently fill the skin with moisture and enhance the elasticity of the skin. It contains hydroxydecyl ubiquinone which is effective in protecting the skin from stress. It filters out ROS which is the main cause of skin aging. The gel also protects the lipids from losing moisture and it calms the skin when irritated.

This hydrating gel is also specially designed to maximize the effect of Reziena’s device effectiveness. It helps to move the device smoothly on the face.

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