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Korean fashion brand for outdoors techwear clothing – BLACKYAK

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There are so many famous outdoor techwear clothing brands, such as The North Face from USA, Swiss brand Mammut and many others. Some brands are focussed more on style while others target sustainability. Even some of the outdoor techwear has reached the runways!

Korean fashion brands are defining the performance of outdoor techwear. This clothing incorporates all the innovation that combines technology with clothes. It is the future of clothing. The techwear is basically a fusion between fashion and functionality.


Some brands try to improve the performance of outdoor techwear by optimizing the cost, materials, and body movement. BLACKYAK just surpasses these limits and simply maximises all the parameters to give you the best outdoor techwear. If there are any constraints, the brand simply considers them a challenge to overcome.

The BLACKYAK outdoor techwear is inspired by the yak and each clothing is tested by athletes. No matter whatever adventure you choose, the techwear can tackle all the elements and protect you. Each product is designed with a drive for perfection.

It was launched by Tae Sun Kang in 1973 in Seoul with a clear vision to offer mountain climbers everything they would need for their adventures. Since then, BLACKYAK has been recognized as a high-quality techwear by professional climbers for Himalayan expeditions.

Hybrid Jacket

It is the most famous clothing from BLACKYAK. An award-winning insulating jacket that keeps you warm no matter what! It has four different ways that combine to give you much more warmth. All the ways are sourced to the best possible specific materials that can result in maximum warmth.

Sardo Shirt

The company not only makes clothing for protection against winter elements, but it also makes other clothing like a multi-sport shirt. It is fast drying, wicks away sweat, and is made from a lightweight material with UV protection.


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Wear our SARDO shirt with UPF 30 when you’re flying close to the sun. #madeformissions #wearsunscreen #notosunburn

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Niata Jacket

A thermally enhanced jacket designed to enhance range of movement. It uses two varieties of down, goose down and G-LOFT® synthetic down to maintain a high-thermal efficiency. Its unique construction does not restrict any movement.


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Winter season is in full swing #blackyak #madeformissions #niata #jacket

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Betizu Hoody

The most comfortable and functional hoody that you can get your hands on. This new and technical jacket keeps you warm with fleece mixed with CORDURA®. It has a large hood and a drawcord to give you a more relaxed feel.


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With these temperatures we sometimes still think of the last days of snow #blackyak #madeformissions #C-KNIT #sunnywinterdays 📷

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