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Korean Fashion Trend of Comfortable Clothing and Stay-at-Home Outfits Inspired from K-pop Idols

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From loungewear to pajamas, home comfort looks go popular amid stay-at-home measures bringing in the Korean fashion trend of comfortable clothing!

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly created a ‘new normal’ in many aspects of our lives. People are staying in, spending more time at home than ever before, be it working from home or taking classes online. We are even partying online with our friends via Zoom calls!

NCT Dreams members in Comfortable Pajamas

Staying-in definitely calls for comfy, useful, and multifaceted outfits that you can wear all day long. You can wear these outfits while at home, from a morning video-call conference to a workout session or party with friends. The fashion trend of comfort clothing is now part of the new normal.

You can take inspiration from your favorite K-pop idols and their cozy looks!

Pajama Style

Comfortable pajama is the norm except for people who have to dress up in business attire during online meetings and conferences. Some lucky ones do not need to change at all and can stay in their PJs all day long!

Pajama patterns can also inspire comfort clothing; staying comfortable is the primary goal. There are ways to do it in style!

DJ Peggy Gou’s collaborated with online select shop Yoox last year showing how pajama fashion can be worn out to the street (Although we are staying at home now)! The silk navy pajamas highlighted with yellow lines offer a stunning color contrast. 


Two-Piece Sets

You can choose tops and bottoms that match colors or choose a mix-and-match set. Going for monochrome is always easy and yet stylish to spark up your style while keeping up with the Korean fashion trend of comfort.

Oversized Everything

Moving around the house, we definitely want to be comfortable. You can add a touch of street style to your stay-at-home outfits. Try to wear oversized pieces together to create a comfortable outfit inspired by Korean streetwear. Always keep it stylish and trendy!

Take inspiration from Park Seo-joon’s look in Itaewon Class K-drama and the 5 Best new Korean streetwear brands.

Jeans-Crop Combo

Keep an outside vibe while inside by pairing your favorite jeans and mix-and-match with different crop tops. A perfect spring and summer outfit that lets you welcome warm weather with a Korean fashion trend of comfortable clothes. Stay-at-home and let your skin breathe while being fashionable!

Throw on a Hoodie

We all love ourselves some simple, comfy, and soft hoodies. Throwing on a hoodie is always a good idea and it’s a Korean fashion trend that never goes out of style. You can select the very long ones that resemble a dress or go for short or cropped ones. A soft piece of fleece is always nice and comfortable while you are staying at home.

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Sweatpants with Everything


Sweatpants are the king of staying in, without a doubt. They can match with anything and everything. No matter if you are staying in or working on an online deal with your boss, you can wear your favorite sweats and combine them with whatever top you want. It is the ultimate boss of the Korean fashion trend of comfortable clothing!

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What’s your stay-at-home style? Let us know in the comments!

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