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Get The in Best Korean Fashion from TheOpen Product

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TheOpen Product is an Instagram-favorite Korean fashion brand that reinvents timeless silhouettes with a flair for the modern woman.

South Korea is famous across the world for many things. These include pop culture, beauty products, and even food. However, one industry has yet to take off from this country. This sector is the fashion industry. The Korean fashion industry is gradually making its mark on the fashion universe. Many small manufactures from Korea aim at bringing their culture to the world via clothes. But there is one company already famous amongst global models and celebrities for its Korean clothing line. TheOpen Product is a new name in town, and celebrities like Kendal Jenner, amongst others, is a fan.

What is TheOpen Product? 

Sisters Jiyoung and Boyuong Kim wanted to incorporate fun and spontaneity into the traditional Korean fashion offerings. Neither of them showed any inclination towards fashion as children. Yet, they wished to fuse unconventional styles with the other conservative Korean dressing sense. They thought of creating a fashion-forward yet casual brand for the everyday Korean lead to TheOpen Product. They wish to let people choose what they want and experiment with styles. You will never know if something else looks good on you or not till you do not break out of your shell and tread on new paths. 

The Kim sisters understand each other’s moods, and one lifts the other during a low phase. They support each other with like-minded ethics and help to improve upon any weaknesses. They believe in traveling the world and incorporating international culture into their clothes. Both the sisters love to explore, and they like traveling to off-beaten places to gain a sense of familiarity. This aspect percolated down to their cloth line as well. 

TheOpen Product Collection

The power duo makes much clothing with the hope of challenging societal dressing norms. They are no longer just the famous Instagram clothing line but launched their collection on HBXWM. This launch saw their 2021 Winter fall collection going to live for fans across the world. This collection comes in metallic silver and lilac colors. It comprises versatile pieces which will make you stand out. One of their best sellers and the most eye-catching piece from this collection was the Bolero cardigan. It comes with a cut-out in the front. The sisters say that the inspiration for this piece comes from the 90’s fashion style, and they wish to make them useful as arm warmers.

The inspiration for their ideas comes from movies, old magazines, documentaries, and any person they meet. Both sisters have an eye for detail, and they love to admire women who dress out of the box. For them, beauty does not have an age, and not only the young but even older women have the right to dress in a fun manner. With limitless ideas and fresh designs, TheOpen Products want to spread its wings to a global platform.

What to expect from TheOpen Product in the future?

The Kim’s state that they do not plan and like to go with the flow. But they plan on creating designs without boundaries. For the 2021 summer collection, they brought forward their take on the conventional bikini. To stir things up a bit, the sisters manufactured a cropped top out of the standard bikini. They also combined hot and bold colors to represent the sun and its energy. With multiple ideas buzzing in their heads, TheOpen Product could even think of launching a second collection. They wish for people to discover the fun side of their personality when wearing clothes from TheOpen Product. Incorporating travel and recreational breaks in their creative journey is vital for the founder of this company. This move gives them the breathing space to let their creative juices flow. With the boom in the e-commerce industry, TheOpen Product’s market presence doubled, and its popularity rose exponentially.

Wrapping Up

If you wish to try something different and experiment with your style, you should look up their catalog. Give this company’s designs a try. It is exciting, and you might discover a new you in the process too. Your confidence will score with the likes on your social media pages.  

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