5 Best Apps For K-pop Lovers

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K-pop is not just about music, but it is a culture that you inculcate into everyday life. The people who follow this genre of music, live and breathe it. Live concerts are the ultimate adrenaline for any music fan. But, in times when concerts do not take place, mobile apps fill their void. There are many such K-pop apps that fans enjoy spending time on and getting to know more about their favorites.

V Live Streaming

If you adore your K-pop artists and wish to get to know them in real life, then this is the right App for you. V Live streaming has K-pop idols interacting with their fans in live sessions. But this platform also houses recorded videos of your K-pop idols. You could even binge-watch these videos here. This App has a segment where you can watch shuffled content. 

However, if you wish to listen to only one band, head to their channels segment and explore it. The live videos come under their premium category and will let you take a sneak peek into the real side of your idols. Under the My tab, you can save your channels or videos and watch them later.


Mubeat is a popular one amongst K-pop lovers. This app brings you a plethora of music videos, shows, MV’s, and content that is original to the app. This platform came to life in 2018, and its success was so great that a Mubeat+ version came out in 2019. They keep their followers engaged with voting options on their favorite videos. This way, the fans earn hearts, and these can later come in handy to view premium videos. The app is popular amongst fans and comes with excellent customer service. 

K-pop Amino

K-pop fans love to interact with each other. It keeps the buzz alive and keeps them updated. K-pop Amino is one app that allows you to talk to many other K-pop fans from around the world. You get to know about the latest news, concert information, and updates on products in different places. They even give a Wikipedia link. On this link, you can read about any topic related to the content the app holds. The app occasionally conducts quizzes and shares blogs. This activity keeps the followers engaged, and they keep coming back. You can even find photos of your artists here from their latest gigs. 

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Everyone knows the power of social media and the way influencers work. All K-pop idols have Instagram accounts. So, you, too, need this app to know the latest updates in their life. You can get pictures, short videos, and even important information on this platform. The new trend on Instagram called reels is also worth following as many starts take up these challenges. Follow your idol and get first hands updates here. 

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Today, life without YouTube seems incomplete. Every time you need to watch a video, the first name that comes to mind is YouTube. This app has a specific set of avid followers. The content creators on this app reply to these fans to increase the watch time of their offerings. Not only do the entertainment companies create fresh content but, individual artists also update behind the scene videos on this platform. Sometimes artists update live sessions here as well. It is a must-have app for all K-pop lovers, and it is the best place to watch music videos.

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In the End!

Every K-pop fan wishes for a community of like-minded people to share thoughts with. They understand the jargon and communicate in a distinct language. With new videos and products hitting the market every day, fans keep each other updated. Sometimes these K-pop apps also come in handy to flaunt one’s collection. The friendly competitive spirit increases the sales of collectibles and generates money. No matter your reason, if you are a K-pop lover, download all or some of the above apps and enjoy non-stop music.

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