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All About Korean Fashion Platform – Brandi

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Brandi is a K-fashion eCommerce app that is quite popular amongst millennials and Gen Z, where you can curate your own stores featuring your favorites.

Founded in 2014 by Jeong-min Seo, Brandi is emerging as one of the top Korean fashion apps worldwide. You can shop through their website or app. 

About Brandi – A Korean Fashion Platform

A fashion eCommerce startup, Brandi is an online fashion store where you can buy all the trendy Korean pieces, be it skirts, blouses, jeans, oversized t-shirts, and many more. It had a wide range of products collected through various social media platforms, shopping malls, and brands. It is gaining market leadership in the eCommerce startup as it has received more than 1 million downloads since its launch. Other than this, the brand has grown by 130% every month, according to its transaction totals. 

We know that GenZ and Millenials love to shop via their phone, just with one click, and Brandi is a platform dedicated to providing easy and accessible shopping for all. To fulfill the expectations of GenZ and Millenials, Brandi also came up with the feature of “One-day Delivery,” as this generation prefers something fast. 

You can download this Korean shopping app through Google Play Store or Apple Store. Take a look at these unique features offered by Brandi to make your shopping fun and easy. 

Unique Features of Brandi 

·      AI prediction

If you are also wondering how Brandi can deliver to thousands of customers in one day, then AI is the answer to it. Brandi has done excellent work in bringing fashion and IT technology together. They pre-order thousands of clothing pieces based on AI prediction that suggests which items will be in high demand. Through this feature, they can meet the customer’s requirements within a short period. 

·      We Buy & Ship

If you are facing any kind of problem while placing orders on this Korean fashion app, Brandi, then this app offers a “We Buy & Ship” service. By availing of this offer, you can get an on-site personal shopper of your own to shop and buy clothing piece(s) on your behalf. 

·      You Buy, We Ship

If you are someone who doesn’t live in Korea but still wants to shop for trendy Korean clothes, then this feature is for you. You won’t find international shipping expensive while shopping at Brandi through this service. This service will let you shop for Korean clothes and deliver them to your doorstep at reasonable prices. 

·      One-Day Delivery

People who reside in Seoul and place orders before 1:00 pm on the app will receive your product by 8:00 pm on the same day through Brandi’s One-Day Delivery service. Also, if you place your order before 8:00 pm, it will be delivered by 7:00 am the next day. If you do not reside in Seoul, the order placed before 2:00 pm will be delivered within the next day. 

How is it Emerging as a Top Korean Fashion App? 

Even though international fashion enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the English version of this app, Brandi has emerged as one of the top shopping apps in Korea for the latest fashion. Korea Development Bank, Atinum Investment, K2 Investment Partners, and DS Asset Management are some of the investors of Brandi. Currently, it has funding of over $52.4 Million. Also, it operates 1700 online stores. Brandi earned 138.2 billion won last year as its revenue. 99.3% of Customers who purchase from Brandi show an interest in repurchasing, according to an internal survey. As for 2022, Brandi has a goal that wholesale and retail sellers can have online and offline showrooms so they can sell their products easily. 

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