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Fashion Inspiration From Fashion-Forward K-Dramas

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Korean culture has made its way into everyday life. Whether it is their beauty trends the pop culture, drama series, or fashion, they have something to offer in all avenues. The latest from the Korean world is their K-drama series, which stands out for its direction and its fashion-forward style statements. Here are a few K-dramas that you could watch to get all the fashion inspiration to look as fashionable as your favorite idol!

Fashion Inspiration from K-drama Series

Law School

Based on a fight that breaks out in a Law School, this series revolves around a specific set of students and their favorite professors who join forces to reveal the truth. While the series is binge-worthy, the outfits are the major star of this show. The characters in this series display an array of black clothing that exudes power. The most memorable one is a trench coat in black with creative white stitches. Kang Sol-a wears this apparel and looks drop-dead gorgeous in it. 

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

This K-drama brings forth the brewing romance between people in two drastically different professions. The lead has an anti-social element to her character and authors books for children. Despite not wanting to mingle with people, Go Moon Young, who plays the lead, is impeccable with her dressing. Out of all the looks she has put forward, a fluffy beige dress has the maximum fan following.   

Search WWW

This K-drama series is all about female power and you can take fashion inspiration from all the boss ladies. You will watch powerful women who are career-driven and motivated. They know what they want in life and strive hard to achieve it. One thing that stands out is their spot-on sense of dressing. Their clothes speak for them while exuding power and fines. Cha Hyeon, in this series, wears the theory power two-piece pink suit that screams “boss-lady”. This series teaches women to walk in style while dressing like the king of the office.

Tomorrow With You

Based on the concept of time travel, Tomorrow with You sees a real-estate CEO trying to alter his future. While the lead, Yoo So-Joon, is attractive, the fashion quotient comes from the lady he marries, who works as a photographer. Song Ma-Rin plays this part and throws light on the idea of minimalism with the casual dressing sense. Her style is simple, comfortable, and workable clothing as she travels worldwide for her job. She hits the bulls-eye with her accessorizing game, and this draws the most attention.  

fashion from k drama
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Find Me in Your Memory

This drama will leave you mesmerized by the acting skills of each character and their eye for detail. Lee Jung-Hoog plays a news anchor with high memory power and falls in love with the leading lady, Yeo Ha-jin, who suffers from amnesia. The background of all the scenes in this drama is surreal and creates a picture-perfect shot. The flowing dresses that Ga-young wears in the K-drama are worth watching. One of her most iconic outfits is an orange-ombre long dress that almost looks like a burning flame. Watch this show and take inspiration for Instagram-worthy fashion. 

To Wrap it Up!

With trends changing at the drop of a hat, stylish clothing is the latest fad. You need to analyze your body type and pick one that suits you best. Take fashion inspiration from the above-mentioned K-drama series and always keep your fashion game above the rest. The best part, you can get these fashionable clothes from several affordable and cheap Korean fashion websites that ship globally.

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