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Eosika SIPL – The Best Korean Hair Removal Device

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Eosika is a Korean company that brings dermatology at home by providing various home care beauty services ranging from laser hair removal to IPL management!

Humans adore their head hair; they nourish them and look after them. However, the hair on the body does not gather a lot of praise. Some cultures use various methods to remove the body hair right from the birth of the child. Especially for females, the display of body hair is not acceptable, and they treat it with disgust and unhygienic. Over centuries, humans begin have used many painful ways to remove body hair successfully. But with the development of technology, the market has many painless methods of eliminating this issue. Skin Science. Co. Ltd. makes some of the best hair removal products in the market.

What is Skin Science. Co. Ltd.?

In the year 1998, Seoul saw the growth of a company called Skin Science. Co. Ltd. This organization leads in the manufacture and export of beauty-related equipment in the country. Their products are famous across the world, and some well-known personalities use them. Out of the many brands they make, Eosika-IPL Hair removal machines are their top seller. Eosika started as a home-based business and is now clocking in enormous sums of money from its product sales internationally. This organization was the first to launch a 5-year warranty on their products and believes in impeccable customer services. 

Eosika SIPL-900

A device is a handheld machine that uses intense pulse light technology. The frequency of the IPL is six times in one area, which makes the skin hair-free and smooth. It comes with a Xeon lamp that is wide and covers more skin. The difference between an IPL and laser light is that the former proceeds noncoherent light, which is between the wavelength of infrared and ultraviolet rays. This light action gives permanent removal of hair, unlike laser, where the hair grows back. This device has home use approval from the KFDA. 

Eosika SIPL-1000

Another hair removing the device from Eosika, this one only weighs 200g. It makes this machine convenient to use. The SIPL-1000 uses the same technology as the previous one but has a big monitor and five levels of light intensity adjustment. There is no need to put it for an overnight charge, and it works when connected to the cord. 

Eosika SIPL-11

Eosika also makes skincare devices that not only remove hair but also rejuvenate the skin. The SIPL-11 is one such device and works wonders in clearing dead cells as well. It comes with ten adjustments levels depending on the skin tone and targets hair from the roots.

In the End!

All Eosika devices are gentle on the skin and do not cause any rash or burn. They are ideal for all skin tones, and the intensity of light is adjustable. They make them lightweight and user-friendly so that you can remain hair-free anywhere. Eosika makes its products with a lot of care and research. The team behind each device has expert knowledge, and researchers incorporate the latest technology in them. Getting rid of body hair is everyone’s dream, and you can now fulfill yours with the above devices. So, do not waste time and get your Eosika SIPL device today. 

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