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Brand Focus: AMUSE – A Korean Makeup Must-Have K-Beauty Brand

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Craving the effortless beauty of Korean makeup? Look no further than AMUSE – a K-beauty brand that offers everything you need to achieve a natural, long-lasting K-makeup look.

AMUSE is a leading K-beauty brand from Seoul offering vegan, clean, and environment-friendly formulations. All the products even have a certification from EVE VEGAN, a French agency fame for its strictest criteria among global vegan certification organizations.

All you need to know about AMUSE

The brand’s philosophy is simple, “only the products created in happiness can make our lives joyful.”

If their product brings you joy, they have successfully completed their mission!

AMUSE products are colorful, trendy, have unique designs, and most importantly are made with highest quality ingredients. The brand takes inspiration from Seoul’s vibrant and colorful vibes and culture to create these easy-to-use K-beauty and skincare products. Each products’ packaging is just so eye catching and vibrant. All the products are designed to add positivity in consumer’s lives and make it easy for them to express their personal styles!

Most popular products by K-beauty brand AMUSE

The most popular and best selling products from AMUSE include Jel-Fit Tint, Dew Tint, and Green Lip Balm.

AMUSE Green Lip Balm

Amuse’s Vegan Green Lip Balm is packed with good-for-you ingredients straight from nature. This K-beauty AMUSE brand daily balm is like a vitamin smoothie for your lips. Jeju rapeseed oil (full of vitamins!), hyaluronic acid to keep your lips plump, and Amuse’s special phytoncica complex – all work together to give your lips the moisture and nourishment they need. In addition, it comes in clear or a pretty rosy tint, so you can keep your lips healthy and happy no matter what your style is. And the bright green packaging is certainly eye-catching!

amuse k-beauty

AMUSE Jel-Fit Tint

The Jel-Fit Tint is gives your lips a long-lasting dose of hydration and high-shine. This lightweight formula packs a punch – there are eight types of hyaluronic acids! All together, they will leave your lips feeling soft and smooth, even if they’re prone to dryness.

The lip tint from the K-beauty brand AMUSE is enriched with Vitamin E and plant-based oil. The unique jelly-like texture forms a protective film to lock in moisture, while a touch of peach extract adds a sweet scent. Plus, the transparent packaging is compact and adorable, making it easy to carry around for touch-ups throughout the day.

amuse k-beauty

AMUSE Daisy Flower Dew Tint

Ditch the heavy lipsticks and embrace the natural beauty of your lips with Dew Tints! These vegan lip tints are infused with 35% water, creating a weightless, dewy texture that feels fresh and comfortable all day long. The unique triple structure (water-oil-water) ensures the tint adheres to your lips without smudging or budging.

With 12 shades ranging from everyday MLBB nudes to show-stopping reds, there’s a perfect match for every mood and vibe. Plus, the formula is packed with mango and apple extract and Vitamin E to keep your lips nourished and prevent dryness.

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