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7 Best K-Beauty YouTube Influencers To Follow in 2021

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With a routine for achieving glass-like skin, the importance of sheet masks and hydration K-beauty is the talk of the town. Social media has brought the world to one’s feet and answers we can find to all queries on it. YouTube is one such platform that has a large viewership. Along with providing a space for advertising products, YouTube also allows influencers to share glimpses of their daily life thus making the complete experience very personal. And especially in the K-beauty industry, YouTube influencers are making waves in social media.

With a lot of channels highlighting the various techniques in getting the best result out of K-beauty products some vloggers surely stand out. They not only talk about the process of makeup application, but they even house product reviews and routines that could be useful to a larger audience. Read on ahead to find out more about the best K-beauty YouTube influencers that you must follow for some excellent updates and advice.


Always keeping up with trends, Lamuqe is one of the major influencers for K-Beauty. Her tutorials ace traditional styles and casual ones. Instructions in her vlogs are very simple to follow, showing in the whooping number 1.29 Million subscribers. Clear and methodical content on her channel keeps you engaged always. She is consistent by posting 1 video per day for her subscribers. 


Bone tickling content and the use of eye-popping colors make SSIN’s vlogs a super hit. She even goes to the extent of posting a few BTS videos for her viewers. Not only does her channel have suggestions for skincare, but it also has feedback for certain products used. Her frequency of posts is 1 video per week and has 1.53 million subscribers.

Joan Kim

Her journey to being a sensational K-Beauty vlogger is quite different. She started as a lifestyle vlogger and eventually moved into the beauty space. Her channel gives information about her American background and her life. It has one post per month. A famous brand called Neogene Dermalogy has roped her in for its products.

Liah Yoo

Incorporating the minimalistic vision of K–beauty, Liah Yoo’s YouTube channel is more about beauty from within. She comes with experience in the Korean skincare industry and even runs the brand Krave, by herself. Tutorials on her vlogs are imparting education towards a healthy skincare routine along with the use of makeup. Some of the content looks into a healthy discussion around skin health and recovery. Her channel has 1.19 million subscribers.

PONY syndrome

She is considered the inspiration for every young girl looking at mastering K-beauty. She has been associated with well know Korean celebrity CL which makes her channel stand out. Her channel opens with her fictitious smile and gets one hooked immediately. Her transformational vlogs are already a hit and get the most views. Log onto her channel for the latest trends in K- beauty. 


From being a makeup artist to mastering celebrity styles, Risabae has come a long way. Her channel is not limited to content around skincare but also has her favorite looks and daily videos. The spectrum of content on Risabae’s channel is vast ranges from stuff for newcomers to experts. Her content will be very interesting for the people and She delights her 2.25 Million subscribers with 1 vlog every week. 

The Beauty Breakdown

Besides being a writer, Morgan Stewart is also the creator of the YouTube channel. She is based out of United States and has been covered by well know beauty and lifestyle magazines. Her channel is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for either K-beauty products or reviews. She has 557 thousand subscribers and delights them with new content twice weekly. She is a true K-Beauty sensation in every right.

K-beauty is redefining beauty standards and skincare each day. With a plethora of products, it is taking the beauty industry by storm. It is not just about a brand name; the new age consumer also wants to relate to it. 

All the above are some of the best K-beauty YouTube influencers and content creators and all are marvelous in their own right. From flawless skincare routines to glamorous makeup tutorials to recovery from skin problems, these individuals have the content to cover it all. They are very upbeat about the rapidly strengthening skincare industry. With K- beauty expanding its horizons these top vloggers will have more content for their loyal subscribers.

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