Popular Korean Dramas Now Reimagined into Webtoons: A Digital Makeover!

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You may have heard of “webtoon-adapted Korean dramas,” indeed. But what about the reversed version? Apparently, some of the best and most popular Korean dramas have undergone a complete digital makeover, turning itself into the most heart-fluttering webtoons in major platform! So, what are these Kdrama-based webtoons? And which ones are worthy to read? No worries! Today, we are going to guide you into 5 most read-worthy kdrama-based webtoons!

The Best Webtoons Based on Most Popular Korean Dramas

Only Those That Are Available and Read-Worthy!

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Firstly, among the most popular Korean dramas that have turned into one of the best read-worthy webtoons is “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” While the main storyline still focuses on Woo Young Woo and her challenges, the webtoon version will give you additional stories and details you may have not found in the drama.

Plus, getting all the characters in their adorable 2D version gives you that different feelings. And that is especially when it comes to Woo Young Woo’s emotional beat and thought processes, hich might be challenging to depict in live performances.

2. Our Beloved Summer

Secondly, we have one of the most popular Korean webtoons based on Korean dramas, “Our Beloved Summer.” If your heart is beating fast with excitement and you watched the series with butterflies in your stomach, then the webtoon version is even better!  

The webtoon version serves as a prequel for the Kdrama. The company released the webtoon shortly before the drama’s release date. It depicts the lives of Choi Woong and Yeon Soo and their interactions during the school days.

Therefore, this webtoon is a must-read for “Our Beloved Summer” fans. And that is especially crucial if you want to understand better about what really happened to them in the past.

3. Romance is A Bonus Book

Similar to “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” the webtoon version of “Romance is A Bonus Book” gives you a deeper story. While the main plot is still the same, you will be presented with intriguing characters’ backstories and additional scenes.

Compared to the drama, you will be able to witness a more profound exploration on the relationship between Cha Eun Ho and Kang Dan I. Therefore, you will gain richer exploration of these characters’ thoughts and emotions​.

4. King the Land

At the same time, you can never miss one of the most adorable webtoons based on popular Korean dramas, “King the Land.”

Don’t let the art fool you, though! This webtoon will transport you deeper into the “King the Land” universe. Not only will you understand the story better, you will also get more bonus stories happening prior, during, and after the drama’s timeline.

Aren’t you curious about what’s going on next with Goo Won and Sa Rang?

5. Happiness

Finally, prepare yourself for the one of the most exciting webtoons based on popular Korean dramas, “Happiness.”

While the drama version makes you scared to death, the webtoon adaptation will give you a more detailed exploration of the storyline. You will be presented with a more additional context and background that may not be fully explored in the drama due to time and episode constraints.

Therefore, a glimpse of “Happiness” storyline through the lens of its webtoon adaptation will be extremely crucial. That is especially essential if you are an avid fan of the drama.

So, what do you think about these best Korean webtoons based on most popular dramas? While other titles may be in talks for an upcoming adaptation, apparently there is no available release date just yet. Therefore, please stay with us and we will keep you updated!

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