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Best Romantic Korean Dramas: Devoted Male Leads with Unwavering Support

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The era of domineering and rude princes is now over! If you ever dreamed of those knights in shining armor who make your heart flutters with their dedication and unwavering support, then we have just the right ones for you! Join us as we dive into the top 6 best romantic Korean dramas whose male leads so devoted they make you feel like royalty.

6 Best Romantic Korean Dramas with Most Devoted Male Leads

Prepare for the Ultimate Heart-Fluttering Support from These Knights in Shining Armor!

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Best romantic korean dramas with devoted male leads support
  • Year: 2022
  • Cast: Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh.
  • Episode: 16
  • Watch on: Netflix

Firstly, no male leads are more supportive than Lee Jun Ho (played by Kang Tae Oh) in one of the best romantic Korean dramas, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

As we all know, despite her extreme brilliance and kind heart, the female lead of this series, Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), is struggling with autistic spectrum disorder. Therefore, she would need all the support from her beloved family and friends.

Many of her colleagues were looking down on her, but not Lee Jun Ho. He would believe in her, try his best to understand her despite her challenges. And most importantly, he would give her his most unwavering support for Woo Young Woo. Watch “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and prepare for the most heart-fluttering romance!

2. Welcome to Samdal-ri

Best romantic korean dramas with devoted male leads support
  • Year: 2023
  • Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Shin Hye Sun.
  • Episode: 16
  • Watch on: Netflix.

Among all these charming male leads, there is no one more devoted than Cho Yong Pil (Ji Chang Wook).

Cho Yong Pil and Jo Sam Dal are the very living proof of soulmates. They have been together since the very first day they entered the world, born from two best friends, Bu Mi Ja and Ko Mi Ja.

For the last 30 years of his life, there’s no other person in Cho Yong Pil’s heart but Jo Sam Dal. Even when they broke up and got separated for 8 whole years, Yong Pil had always been there, supporting Sam Dal silently.

Watch “Welcome to Samdal-ri” to witness that a man’s love can really last forever.

3. Castaway Diva

Best romantic korean dramas with devoted male leads support
  • Year: 2023
  • Cast: Park Eun Bin, Chae Jeong Hyeop.
  • Episode: 12
  • Watch on: Netflix.

Another one of the most devoted male leads in the best Korean romance dramas is Jung Ki Ho—also known as Kang Bo Geol—played by Chae Jeong Hyeop in “Castaway Diva.”

Since his first encounter with the happy-go-lucky Seo Mok Ha in middle school, Jung Ki Ho only has her in mind and his heart. He supported Seo Mok Ha in pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. He also helped her escape her abusive father. And when Seo Mok Ha went missing in the process, he kept on looking for her all his life.

After he found her, Jung Ki Ho continues devoting himself to helping Seo Mok Ha in realizing her dream. He is the true embodiment of unwavering loyalty and devotion, proving that true love endures through all challenges.

4. Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband
  • Year: 2024
  • Cast: Park Min Young, Na In Woo.
  • Episode: 16
  • Watch on: Amazon Prime.

Yoo Ji Hyuk (Na In Woo) is one of the most devoted male leads you wish you get in real life. His unwavering support for Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young) will definitely make your heart boiling with envy while watching webtoon-adapted drama “Marry My Husband.”

Deemed as one of the best Korean revenge romance dramas of the year, the essence of “Marry My Husband” not only lies on the conflicts of the female characters. Instead, the most heart-fluttering focus of the story lies on how the male lead, Yoo Ji Hyuk, basically submits his life to support Kang Ji Won’s revenge plan.

Heck, he was even literally willing to die for her in the process.

If you’re looking for a male character who is almost perfect (handsome, charismatic, rich, and extremely loyal), then watch “Marry My Husband.” Even after getting hurt, Yoo Ji Hyuk will make you believe in love again!

5. The Glory

The Glory
  • Year: 2022
  • Cast: Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Lim Ji Yeon
  • Episode: 16 (8 episodes for each part)
  • Watch on: Netflix.

Have you ever wished for that knight in shining armor that will fight alongside you in your battle of revenge? Joo Yeo Jeong will do it with pleasure, showing you his most devoted support to the female lead, Moon Dong Eun, in one of the best revenge dramas, “The Glory.”

Even after Moon Dong Eun decided to leave him due to her own trauma, Joo Yeo Jeong remains true and faithful to the cause. By watching Joo Yeo Jeong, you will witness the epitome of loyalty and unwavering support. His character exemplifies the perfect blend of compassion and determination, making him an indispensable ally in Dong Eun’s quest for vengeance.

6. Perfect Marriage Revenge

Perfect Marriage Revenge
  • Year: 2023
  • Cast: Sung Hoon, Jung Yoo Min.
  • Episode: 12
  • Watch on: Viki.

Finally, we have Seo Do Guk (Sung Hoon) among the most devoted male leads in Korean romance dramas. Similar to Yoo Ji Hyuk, Sung Hoon is also a third-generation chaebol with handsome face, perfect body, overwhelming charisma, and most devoted heart to the female lead, Han Yi Joo.

While the storyline and conflicts may be similar to “Marry My Husband,” “Perfect Marriage Revenge” revolves more on the family conflicts. Yes, the scenes are more cliché, and there will be those dramatic moments you see in makjang dramas.

But at the same time, this is one of the best Korean dramas you must watch if you love classic romance. Not to mention, you will be entertained with the heart-fluttering moments and chemistry between the main characters.

And believe us when we say that you will be extremely jealous of Han Yi Joo when you see how much Seo Do Guk is willing to protect and devote himself to support her revenge plans.

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