Mirny – The Leading NFT Marketplace in South Korea

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Mirny is a Korean operator of a marketplace for digital assets like crypto-collectibles and NFTs where you can create, buy, and sell them.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are unique art that cannot have a copy or be replaced. It is a one-of-a-kind card, and you can purchase them using cryptocurrencies. On Mirny, you can trade NFTs at 0% commission and buy them with Klay, making it the leading NFT marketplace in Korea.

Overview of Mirny

The CEO of Mirny is Young-Seok Yang, and the company is located on the 2nd floor, 9 Bangbaecheon-ro 20-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul. The name Mirny is derived from the world’s largest diamond mine. As a result, the name shows that users will find non-fungible tokens that are like a diamond. Mirny aims to provide high-quality NFTs and helps them trade NFTs. 

Yang-Seok Yang graduated from the Department of Computer Engineering at Seoul National University. After his graduation, he founded the Mirny due to his papers. In 2020, Yang-Seok and his team found a consensus bug that affects the ecosystem of Ethereum. The bug was a split of Ethereum’s chain, which was done on purpose. A hard fork caused this, resulting in the questioning of Ethereum’s client coordination.

There have been three papers that Yang-Seok published at the international top-level system conferences. He also has immense experience in research for major companies like Microsoft and Google. 

What is Mirny NFT?

Mirny Co. Ltd is a South Korean-based Global NFT platform that provides Non-fungible tokens. Moreover, buyers and sellers can trade these tokens with a 0% commission. After that, there is also a chance that some of the NFTs have duplicate listings. The website mentions that duplicate listings are possible on other platforms like OpenC and Pala.

This company boldly claims itself as the Global NFT marketplace that offers a wide range of non-fungible tokens. Some of the popular NFTs are art, virtual worlds, trading cards, and collectibles. Moreover, this platform also includes Larva NFT and The SNKRZ NFT. You can check out your favorite NFTs at Mirny and start trading them with a 0% commission.

Users can buy and sell NFTs with ease on this platform. Moreover, they also get access to exclusive digital assets like the Klay Dice. Most of the NFTs in Mirny is not popular worldwide but have the potential to be highly valuable. The platform has trading options that only use KLAY. You can trade your assets in high-quality NFTs in Mirny.

Users can visit the official website of Mirny and start exploring the NFTs. Moreover, they can also trade high-quality NFTs with Klay. You can click on one of the options and start analyzing its operation plans. 

The sculpture buying guide has certain criteria that all investors have to agree to or follow. The first one is that all investments are fully the responsibility of the investors. Secondly, The ownership of the NFTs is recorded in the Mirny smart contract. Lastly, when a user sells an NFT, all corresponding pieces will be removed. 

Final Thoughts

Mirny is a promising global NFT platform based in South Korea. You get varieties of NFTs and collectibles that can be highly valuable in the future. In terms of visuals, they are high-quality art that one would love to buy. 

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