A Nanotech Tattoo As Health Monitoring Device from South Korea

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Scientists in South Korea have developed an electronic tattoo ink that can help in monitoring health and alert patients about potential health issues.

Take a look at an intuitive approach of KAIST to release an alternative way of reading electric signals in our body. A new electrocardiogram monitoring system is developing in Daejeon, South Korea. 

Overview of KAIST

KAIST, or Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, is South Korea’s first institution that is research and engineering-oriented. The company was founded in 1971 by the Korean government.

They conduct many types of research that have taken an immense leap in the world’s technology. One of its stand-out projects is an electric transport system. Similarly, there are plenty of big projects coming out of KAIST. Now we have a tattoo health device coming soon from South Korea. We will take an in-depth look at this device that can produce electronic ink.

What is the Tattoo Health Monitoring Device?

A Korean research company Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has made an electronic ink. This Electronic Ink is made up of liquid metal and carbon nanotubes. These carbon nanotubes are usually small tubes of carbon where diameters are measured in nanometers. Moreover, with the help of the advanced technology of KAIST, these elements resulted in this electrical tool.

This ink comes from this tool and works as an electrical circuit on the skin. As a result, the tattoo can read heart rate signals and other related information when connected to an electrocardiogram device. In other words, the biosensor properties of the ink can send the patient’s health-related data to a monitor.

Steve Park is the head operation of this research project. He says they are looking forward to developing this project by integrating a wireless chip. Moreover, he added that it would result in effective communication between our body and an external device. In other words, the back-and-forth signals will be seamless and without any problem.


This tattoo health device is compatible with many health-related external devices. On top of that, these external device monitors can be located anywhere. As a result, it will allow the detection of such devices even from patients’ homes. 

The tattoo you can make with this device is also known as e-tattoo. In KAIST, researchers regularly conduct its wettable test by spraying water on it. As a result, the company can conclude that the e-tattoo is completely waterproof. 

Park also adds that this electronic tattoo is much more comfortable to wear than an actual biosensor. This tattoo health device is biocompatible and has all of its properties. As a result, it does not damage the living tissue.

The ink is non-invasive that is made up of gallium which is a soft and silvery metal. The carbon nanotubes are an effective electric conductor and ensure that the tattoo stays on the skin. The particles and compounds used to make this tattoo health device are also present in semiconductors and thermometers.

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