Meet Rina: Korean Air’s Virtual Game-Changer Transforming In-Flight Safety!

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Korean Air recently introduced a new approach to in-flight safety instructions by employing an AI-driven character in their safety video. This innovative move marks a significant shift from the conventional method of using real flight attendants for safety demonstrations. The introduction of this AI character, Rina, has sparked many reactions among internet users.

Meet Korean Air AI Attendant, the Virtual Human Rina

The AI character Rina, created by Korean Air, plays a pivotal role in the new in-flight safety video. Rina is designed to offer clear, step-by-step safety guidance to passengers. Korean Air emphasizes that Rina’s presence in the video intends to make safety instructions more engaging and understandable for passengers of all ages. The company aims to enhance the accessibility and entertainment value of safety demonstrations.

In a collaborative effort, Korean Air and Metaverse Entertainment introduced the virtual human Rina. This initiative is part of a broader project. It includes the creation of a virtual Korean Air Safety Lounge designed to simplify the explanation and understanding of in-flight safety rules. Rina, who also serves as an honorary flight attendant, will be featured in safety videos across all Korean Air flights.

“Virtual Human Rina ensures passengers of all ages worldwide can easily and enjoyably watch the in-flight safety video. This innovative move by the airline aims to make safety demonstrations accessible and entertaining for everyone on board.”

Korean Air Representative.

Virtual Human Rina Gains Mixed reactions

The AI-driven safety video has received mixed reactions among Korean netizens. Some appreciate the detailed content, while others find the AI concept slightly unsettling. Comparisons have been made with previous safety videos, including one featuring K-pop idols, leading to diverse opinions about which is more effective or engaging.

  • “I love that this video is more detailed compared to the SuperM version, although some scenes did feel kind of unnecessary. The AI concept feels a little creepy though.” 
  • “The video is well-made but the AI is a bit awkward.”
  • “It seems the previous safety video was a masterpiece of all time, this is a regrettable video that makes one wonder why they felt the need to change it,” “I think the K-pop idols instruction one was better.”
  • “It’s a bit creepy.”
  • The video is too long. It’s like they extended the video on purpose.”
  • I think this was better than the K-pop video. It’s more clear and more instructive,” 

Aviation and Digital Technology Synergy

Korean Air aims to redefine the perception of in-flight safety videos through this innovative digital technology. The airline seeks to make safety videos more appealing and relatable to passengers, envisioning a strong synergy between the aviation industry and digital advancements.

This trend of virtual characters is not only on the safety videos. In July 2023, the AI-created influencer Aitana Lopez debuted on social media, amassing a significant following. Additionally, Metaverse Entertainment’s virtual pop group MAVE has gained substantial popularity, indicating a growing interest in digital personas in various sectors.

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Source: AKP, Korean Air

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