PiQuant Spectroscopy-based Detection Tools

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PiQuant provides unique IoT component analysis solutions to create spectroscopy-based water, air, and skin detection tools.

PiQuant from South Korea, a spectroscopy-based company, has received the CES 2023 Innovation Award from CTA. This achievement has put the company in many spotlights. CES is an electronic fair that presents technology from all around the world. 

Overview of PiQuant. Co., Ltd. 

Founded in 2015, PiQuant is a spectroscopy-based component detection solution company. Spectroscopy is the science behind measuring and investigating light emissions from electromagnetic radiation. This concept involves splitting electromagnetic radiation and making it a part of wavelengths.

Regarding international interest, PiQuant uses IoT, Big data, and AI to analyze and improve air quality. It purifies indoor and outdoor environments with keeping indoor environmental regulations in consideration.

PiQuant’s method to provide a safer environment has allowed for resolving drinking water safety issues. This is possible due to an E. coli-contaminated water analyzer that detects waterborne bacteria. The company has developed many components detection solutions such as AirQuant (IAQ monitoring system), ColiQuant (Coliform Detection Kit), Water scanner (handheld bacteria water scanner), and Skin Scanner.

PiQuant follows sustainable measures as it is their utmost important virtue. They practice every routine’s moral principles that lead to a healthier future. 

PiQuant spectroscopy-based detection tools

Water Scanner

Water Scanner by PiQuant is an intuitive device that can detect waterborne bacteria. Moreover, it is also the first portable spectrometer to analyze liquid components in real-time analysis. The ability to detect hazardous substances in liquid in real-time is what makes this product unique. As a result, the product received the CES award. 

Compared to PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), Water Scanner reduced the time it takes to analyze by 1/1440th. PCR is a method of multiplying electromagnetic radiation that detects specific genes. It is done to specify the type of bacteria and viruses present in the spectrum. 

Water Scanner by PiQuant can monitor and manage data that shows reliable results. You can easily connect it to your smartphone and operate it from your smartphone. Moreover, the cost of testing by Water Scanner has been reduced significantly. 


Escherichia coli is a bacterium that causes most waterborne diseases in unsafe drinking water. As a result, PiQuant has created Coliform Detection Kit to tackle that problem. It can detect E. coli in 3 minutes, as per the company’s claims. PiQuant will distribute its products to countries that have severe drinking water issues. India and Vietnam are among the countries that require the technology of PiQuant.


PiQuant also has an indoor air quality monitoring system known as AirQuant. Its iOT-based technology detects dust particles and hazardous gases in real time. It is perfectly suitable and intended to fit in homes, schools, institutions, and malls. 

As a spectroscopy-based solution company, PiQuant has been showing its products at various events, including Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Spain. PiQuant is making waves in developing and creating innovative products based on component detection technology with spectroscopy. 


PiQuant has covered almost all aspects of problems that spectroscopy can fix. It has innovation, cooperativeness, and solutions that can be revolutionized. With the help of AI, Big data, and IoT, PiQuant’s future is looking promising. 

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