World’s Smartest Pillow from A Korean Startup: ZEREMA

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Zerema is an AI-powered smart pillow from a Korean startup that comes with multiple functions like height adjusting, anti-snoring, and even sleep tracking!

Having a good sleep directly relates to our productivity and energy levels. With the constant hard work that we do throughout the day, we do not prioritize our sleep. You may get proper 8 hours of sleep but is your sleeping quality is wonderful?

Zerema is the one-stop solution to all the sleeping problems and opens a way to get quality sleep. This AI-powered smart pillow will analyze and help you sleep better.

About Zerema

Founded in 2016, Zerema is a startup company from Korea that helps improve sleep quality by offering an amazing sleeping environment. The company claims to make the world’s smartest pillow, and we will know more about the pillow in a bit. Zerema is based at Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea, and the company has crowdfunding and other individual investors.  

Just like sleep care IoT devices manufacturers, Zerema also solves the problem of chronic sleep. Zerema takes the approach of solving chronic sleep by creating smart pillows that focus on users’ snoring and monitoring their sleep patterns. The official website of Zerema is where you will get information about the products and contact customer support.

What is Zerema?

Zerema is the ultimate solution to your chronic sleep problems. It has vital features that can improve your sleeping quality immensely. This AI-powered smart pillow is 5.95 lbs (2.7kg) and has all the things you need in a pillow. It offers many benefits to those who want to end their sleeping problems and get well-rested sleep every night. With Zerema, you can sleep comfortably and not worry about snoring.

With Zerema smart pillow’s customizable height adjustments, it is perfect for all types of back and side sleepers. Anyone can position and adjust the height of the Zerema pillow, and it makes it perfectly fit for your neck. As a result, you won’t be having the problem of a stiff neck.

Zerema has an app that connects with the pillow to enhance and alleviate the whole experience. In addition, the covers of these smart pillows are anti-bacterial, and the material of the pillow is made up of open-cell memory foam. On top of that, it is waterproof so that you will always have a fresh pillow every night.

zerema smart pillow korean startup

To start with Zerema, you need to install the app and pair your smart pillow with the Zerema app. The pairing of the app and your pillow happens through a Bluetooth connection.

You have to connect the power supply to the pillow to start using it. Every night before you go to bed, make sure that you turn on sleep mode. Overall, the app is clean, and the user experience is excellent.


  1. Anti-snoring – Zerema app can detect and reduce snoring by adjusting the height of the pillow. You can pre-adjust the pillow’s height via the app, and it eliminates the snoring by evenly distributing your Head weight around the pillow.
  2. Sleep pattern monitoring function – The real-time sleep monitoring feature in the app lets you improve your sleep quality over time. It tracks and learns the best way to improve your sleep by continuously monitoring and deep learning your sleeping habits.
  3. Alarm – The built-in alarm is a neat feature to have on a smart pillow. The alarm makes things convenient, and you will always wake up on time.
  4. Height adjustments – The height adjustments feature in Zerema smart pillow eliminates poor sleeping and stiffness of the neck. The pillow can automatically adjust its height and make the adjustments manually.
  5. Maintains sleep posture – The ergonomic design of Zerema not only gives you maximum comfortability but also helps you maintain your sleeping posture. As a result, you will not develop any chronic sleep problems.
  6. Waterproof – Zerema pillow’s covers are waterproof as well as anti-bacterial. You will always have a fresh and clean pillow every single night.

In The End

Almost everyone in this world uses a pillow every night. However, not everyone will have the same type of pillow to the difference in people’s body shapes, neck heights, and other preferences. This is why Zerema was born to produce a height-adjustable smart pillow that fits all types of users.

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