BlockPet – A Companion Animal Authentication Service from Korea

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A new facial recognition companion animal technology has surfaced from the PetCompany. BlockPet is the world’s first platform that uses facial recognition to find companion animals. So how good is this PetFaceID? Learn more about BlockPet in this article. 

Overview of PetCompany

PetCompany is a platform where there are services for the companion animal community. These services create a healthy environment with companion animals. It is a pet company with pet employees that helps creates, share, and communicates with the pets. There are tasks that are given as daily missions every day. PetCompany is available in Klaytn, which is a public blockchain of Kakao. As a result, users can access pet companies in the digital asset wallet clip.

It is a start-up company from South Korea and based in Gangseo-gu, Seoul. There are plenty of companies who have partnered with PetCompany. From Hankyong National Univ to Klaytn, there are many organizations that are backing this companion animal community platform. 

The PetCompany app shows you a dynamic feed where you can interact with the content and the creator. Moreover, you can also post your favorite pet videos on the platform. The user interface is simple and gives you straightforward options.

What is Blockpet?

BlockPet is a companion animal platform that stores and manages animal entity. It has robust entity authentication services with high-security management. All the information about animals is stored in a blockchain of Kakao. It gets the entities of the animals using facial recognition technology. Moreover, the company has simplified the procedure for the recognition of the animals. As a result, the time and cost of the recognition process are significantly reduced. 

Users can use their smartphones and use the BlockPet app to register their pets. The smartphone will use its authentication system for the recognition of the BlockPet. This allows quick registrations with minimal effort. As a result, the increase in the registration rate will lead to the prevention of abandonment and loss. 

The facial recognition process of BlockPet starts with your smartphone. After you take a picture of the companion animals using the built-in camera, a facial analysis algorithm will extract all the facial features. These facial features are grayscale, face detection, pattern, and rotation. After that, using deep learning, BlockPet learns and is able to analyze the image. It is a technique that is often used in object identification.

BlockPet is easy and simple to use and has an intuitive approach to growing its community. Above, it has 95% accuracy when it comes to its reliable recognition system. 

Final Thoughts

PetCompany has created a platform where pet owners and pets can stay happy and healthy. The company’s vision is to spread awareness for the registration of pet objects. It does not steal personal data and takes consent before sending data to its blockchain. On top of that, it has systematic management that ensures the safety of your data. All the data of companion animals are put into research institutions, which helps connect with suitable hospitals and participants. 

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