Jaranda – A Korean EdTech Startup with 1-on-1 Private Teaching

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Many startups in Korea are leveraging the digital approach of providing education to children. One such startup is Jaranda, an educational startup that has gained popularity due to its one-on-one private teaching. Let’s take a look at this Korean Edtech startup.

Overview of Jaranda

Education Software is the primary industry of Jaranda, and Jang Seo-Jeong is the representative. The company is located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. It provides a one-on-one private teaching platform for children in Korea. 

The company has around 80% of returning customers with the potential to grow in the future. Moreover, Kakao Ventures and 500 other startups have funded $750,000 into Jaranda. As a result, their total budget is $2.5 million in the series A round. 

What is Jaranda?

A platform that focuses on childcare and education wants to connect parents, teachers and children. With the help of analytics and data, the algorithm provides a suitable instructor to its students. Customers can purchase visiting services as many times as they want. In this way, children can get sufficient time to learn and develop skills through one-on-one private teaching. 

A Korean-based startup Jaranda is an Edtech that provides one-to-one teaching services to students in Korea. The company hires the highest quality instructors with the help of data analysis. Moreover, they are able to determine what areas of expertise are needed through data analysis. They accumulate data from their sources and create an effective algorithm that recommends suitable customers.

To provide solutions to the current education sector and childcare that requires human connection, Jaranda is providing its platform. It helps children and parents discover and learn new things. Jaranda has over 17000 Jaranda Planners who are after-school instructors. Jaranda Planners usually focuses on children who are between the age of 4 to 13 years old. Customers can set their own time within their programs for the instructor. As a result, the instructor will visit the home whenever they are needed for a one-to-one session. 


Jaranda has a total of four programs for its students. From creativity to psychology, the programs cover it all. The programs provided by Jaranda are creating art with origami, one-on-one meetings with teachers from the United States, coding and psychological art class. You can easily apply for the program from the official website. To apply, you need to sign in, and there are multiple ways to do that, such as Kakao talk or your mobile number. Moreover, you can also find the join button growing up a teacher in the same section.

Teacher’s Authentication

Jaranda knows that in order to teach children, they need an instructor that genuinely cares for them. On top of that, they want those type of instructors who acts like a best friend to their students. As a result, candidates have a verification process of their background. The following are the factors that need to be considered for verification:

  • Academic background
  • Past sexual offense
  • Interview
  • Activity orientation
  • Behavior test
  • Child abuse history check
  • Identity check
  • credential


The service of Jaranda is an amazing upgrade for providing learning solutions. Customers praise the intuitive programs that they use to learn English and get exposed to such an environment. Moreover, the instructors are also highly rated when it comes to their performance. However, some find the mathematical problems too advanced and have nothing to do with academic progress. 

Final Thoughts

The platform Jaranda has promising services that will help parents and children learn new things. Their programs and other services are intuitive, and learning can be entertaining here. Jaranda is a place for children who seek in-depth learning from experts. 

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