Narma Inc – Creating World Standard Delivery Drones

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Narma Inc. is the first spin-off company of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute and aims to develop world-standard delivery drones.

Narma is a manufacturer and seller of high-speed tiltrotor drones. Founded in 2018, Narma is based in Yuseongg-gu, Daejeon, South Korea. Let’s look at what amazing drones Narma makes to revolutionize the Korean drone delivery industry. 

What is Narma?

Narma INC is a South Korean company that is a spin-off Korean aerospace research institute. This institute is Korea’s aeronautics and space agency based on technology-intensive programs. Narma produces and develops delivery drones based on UAV technology.

Delivery drones are operated remotely through UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle). They are often useful for transporting goods that are hard for humans to reach. The delivery drone can transport food, medical supplies, tools, and equipment. It is used to transport packages and goods from one place to another. Its life-saving potential has made it a valuable asset to many countries.

Narma Drones

Narma has a wide range of products based on tiltrotor drone control technology and test measurement equipment development technology. 


AF100 AED is a full fledge control station that includes a ready-to-fly station. AF100 Police, a Non-AED version, comes with an HD camera and a real-time voice transmission-enabled speaker. Narma claims that AF100 AED can deliver medical supplies within 3 minutes of reporting a cardiac arrest. 


AF200 is an electric dual tiltrotor type with a high-speed cruise. It weighs 5 KG and has an EO camera. It shoots full HD resolution images and can x20 optical zoom. Moreover, IR Camera, LED light, parachute, and One-way Broadcasting system. AF200 can carry up to 5 kg worth of supplies through the air.


AF200 is an eVTOL drone with 2xrotors during operation and has all standard avionics features. It weighs 11 Kg when there is nothing attached to it. Including battery and supplies will increase the weight up to 17 kg and 22 kg, respectively. AF200-Ambulance has useful utilities that add up to weigh 5 KG. Manual or automatic flight and real-time monitoring are also present in AF200-Ambulance.

narma drones


D-Nuri is a drone station compatible with all the drones Narma manufactures. It has a pre-defined flying path and can be deployed in quick 30 seconds. It reduces the time of landing back the drone since it is all automated.

Narma Applications

A new project has emerged in Machakos, Makueni, and Tharaka Nithi. It involves the role of Narma drones which will deliver anti-venom, vaccines, blood, and more. Sources say that over 300 flights will be used in this project.

Josephine Mburu is a field service manager at Sustainable Healthcare Foundation. He is taking a big responsibility for making this project successful. He emphasizes the ministries to promote the rules and regulations of using delivery drones as guidance.

Several countries have already started similar projects. Some even use delivery drones to supply medical supplies to rural areas. Uasin Gishu has already started testing drones to supply goods in their region. So far, the project is progressing without any major issues.


Narma can become a great service provider who can save many people’s lives. Delivery drones with robust technology can potentially increase the health rate of people who live in disease-prone areas. They provide welfare with drones and make a better world. The amazing electric dual Tiltrotor is a commercialized future technology found in all Narma drones. Narma aims to own proper technology in the delivery of drones by 2025. And by 2030, they want to be the best delivery service provider in the world. 

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