myFirst – Creating Innovative Tech Gadgets for Kids

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Check out the Korean startup company that creates innovative tech gadgets for kids – myFirst is here to bring out the curiosity in your kids. They will want to learn about new innovations and how tech works. It will make them wiser and enjoy learning new things. 


myFirst is a Singapore-based company that creates kids’ toys. The company aims to bring innovation to its toys with the help of technology. myFirst’s Head office and Main Warehouse are located in Woodlands Horizon, Singapore. Moreover, they also have various branches in Malaysia and Japan. 

Many distributors and Authorised Resellers are there for myFirst. myFIrst ship their products to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. You can get the Singapore Retail Stores’ full information on their official website. 

What is MyFirst?

myFirst gives the best experience to kids and parents when it comes to innovative toys. It was founded by a group of fathers who aimed to bring technology into traditional toys. As a result, myFirst has useful toys that help kids learn new things, and bring joy when using them.

As time goes by, technology also emerges and becomes prevalent in our day-to-day life. This can make today’s kids leave behind the realm of technology. myFirst brings out an amazing toy set that will engage kids with new technology. 

Products of myFirst

Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

It uses bone conduction to transmit sound by attaching the headphone to the cheekbones. This Wireless Lite has an open Ear design that is comfortable to wear and is very light. As a result, kids will not feel irritated when wearing it for hours. The bone conduction technology of this headphone allows kids to hear the outside world for safety concerns. Moreover, Wireless BC headphones have large, soft silicon pads that ensure comfort. As a result, Kids can wear it during long flights and even while resting. myFirst provides this tool that is a perfect travel companion for every kid. You can charge this headphone via its USB type C connector. 


Insta Camera

Insta Camera from myFirst is an instant printing camera. It can produce an inkless thermal image in 10 seconds. This camera has a dual lens, one in the back and the other in the front. Moreover, you can transfer photos wirelessly using this camera. However, you will need its application which is dedicated to editing and creation. The product is colorful and adequately small in size. The use case of this camera is that you can make labels for a lunchbox, pencil box, utensil counter, etc. The quality of the image coming from this insta camera are amazing because it has a 12 MP lens. Above all, you can set different sizes for the images that it produces.

Fone R1

Fone R1 is a watch with plenty of features and promotes a healthy sleeping schedule for kids. It is an all-in-one device for GPS, phone calls, heart rate sensors, and tracking sleep. You can use it as a fitness tracker or play music. Moreover, you can take pictures with its built-in camera or know your location through its GPS. The build quality of this watch is sturdy with a big screen. You can personalize your watch through fun animated wallpaper. Moreover, you can set your own pictures as your wallpaper as well. Above all, this watch has a Photoplethysmography heart rate monitor that keeps your heart in check. Fone R1 is also protected from unwanted splashes and dust. It has an IPX8 water resistance rating that will keep the device protected when 1 meter deep in water. 



These were some amazing products from myFirst, but that is not the end. The company has many toys and tools that scream innovation and are convenient for kids. The company covers different aspects of kids’ needs in a colorful theme. 

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