Aimmed’s Somzz – Korea’s First Approved Digital Therapeutic Device for Insomnia

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Somzz, an app based on a therapeutic device that treats insomnia by Aimmed, is catching the attention of many media outlets. Let’s briefly discuss what this app from the Korean healthcare company Aimmed provides. 

About Aimmed

Aimmed is situated and based in Seoul, South Korea. The company was founded on October 12, 1999, and was established as Aim Medical Center. Their business focus is in the healthcare, medical, and wellness industry. Young-Joon Lee is the president and CEO of Aimmed and has been serving in this role for the last 19 years.

In the context of Somzz, in July 2020, Aimmed started working on the challenges that occur for their innovative development on treating insomnia and other associated stress.

Aimmed is a medical healthcare service provider based in Korea. Medical experts at Aimmed provide telehealth services to chronic and acute patients. The company aims to improve the lives of struggling individuals by providing them with e-health and m-health services. 

What is Somzz?

Somzz is a medical healthcare application that tackles treatments for cognitive issues in patients. This healthcare app heavily focuses on the treatment of insomnia via the digital service of Aimmed. In other words, its creator uses a digital therapeutics device to treat patients.

Patients will get treatment through evidence-based practice that will increase sleep efficiency. The evidence-based practices include sleep habit training, real-time feedback, and behavioral intervention. Moreover, everything will revolve around the app, including the practices. 

The app will provide such services for 6 to 9 weeks. After patients get initial treatment and diagnostics in the hospital, the app will be installed on their phones. 

The app provides an environment for patients to treat their problems in the comfort of their homes. Somzz was among the several digital therapeutics that were reviewed. In the review, Somma passed all checkpoints that are about the framework, artificial intelligence, big data, and digital health technologies. 

This app from Aimmed can eliminate the need for a therapist with its DTx app that provides CBT. It opens many doors to future healthcare services and broadens access to medical services. 

CBT is one of the most effective ways of therapy for insomnia. However, in Korea, CBT is more in demand which the availability of licensed therapists cannot keep up with. As a result, Aimmed has come up with Somzz, which can identify feelings, thoughts, and behavior via artificial intelligence. 


The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety assesses the services provided by Somzz. They discovered that the clinical trials conducted in three medical centers showed promising results. The trials’ duration was 6 months, and the Dtx device statistically improved the sleep quality of patients. MFDS reviewed the patients before and after using the therapeutic device that cures insomnia.

The standing health committee and family welfare of medical devices at MFDS were included to confirm the device’s safety further. As a result, the device was approved for its intended use after a thorough and scientific screening. 

What’s next for Somzz and Aimmed?

The minister of MFDS, Oh Yoo-Kyung, will work with other ministries and try to figure out the DTx’s appropriate market value. Yoo-Kyung said that the valuation would be based on the demand and prescription value. Moreover, cyber security will be in good hands with major development plants. In addition, protection software is installed by Aimmed to provide security.

Research shows that the global market of Dtx has an annual growth rate of 20.6 percent. This means that the total evaluation of the DTx market will be about 23 million dollars by 2023.


The kickstart of DTx technology will open new paths for digital treatment. Somzz and its DTx technology are promising and will improve public health tremendously. Moreover, such technology’s support from ministers will improve its quality even more. 

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