Want A Good Night’s Sleep? Buy ANSSil Mattress!

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ANSSil, by a CES 2022 honoree Korean startup, is a mattress made of a multitude of woven strings that helps you sleep better.

Sleep is the human body’s method of rest and healing up for the next day. When you sleep, every cell in your body undergoes repair. The better your sleep quality gets, the more energy you will feel in your body. For this purpose, it is vital to sleep on a mattress that understands you and molds with your movement. Buying the right becomes a tedious process when the products offered are endless. ANSSil Co. Ltd. brings you an excellent product that will help you with a good night’s sleep and fall in with the aesthetics of your room.

What is ANSSil Co. Ltd.? 

The founder of this company sought to answer the basic problem in the mattress market. Even though mattresses cost a lot, they never last long. They also cave in, and the springs make it uncomfortable for people to sleep well. This aspect deprives them of a healthy lifestyle creating stress. The name of this organization is a combination of two words, answer and sill. The second one means thread in Korean. They put together the best research and came up with a unique product. 

This smart string bed is also CES 2023 and CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree!

The ANSSil Mattress

ANSSil Mattress uses 3D string technology to create the mattress of a lifetime. The basic structure of their product comes in strings, and it does not use spring or foam. The yarn used in this comes with a low-shrink quality, hindering it from losing shape. Every strand is made with polyester, and 14 million of these unique threads are woven together with 3D string technology. It is a four-layer mattress with a cover around them. 

What Makes It Special?

The first layer from the bottom is the 3D string mattress that forms a strong foundation. This does not have springs but a creatively knit weave of threads. The three layers above it are soft and ergonomically designed to give comfort and support to your back. A natural latex topper gives firmness to the mattress. The polyurethane foam and memory foam toppers give the whole unit a sturdy and supportive structure.

A unique feature of this mattress is that you can change the texture of the mattress depending on how hard or soft you want your mattress. This property makes the mattress versatile, and you do not need to go out and buy a new one every time. Remote control comes attached to the mattress that firms or loosens the thread’s tension, thereby changing its texture. They make the mattress resistant to liquid. This mattress gets manufactured with air sealing, preventing any liquid from entering it. Even your spilled coffee will not spoil this one, and you need to wipe it off the surface. The company forms various tests on this equipment to ensure its quality remains intact. A two-ton truck test proved that it does not change shape even under this heavyweight. The KOTITI test for rainwater performance gave this mattress a value of 0.00, the highest in its category.  

In The End!

Get your ANSSil mattress at the earliest and sleep with comfort. You no longer need to find a replacement for your mattress once you buy the ANSSil product. Its sustainability will add value to your living and make your life meaningful.  

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