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5 Best Korean Setting Sprays for Spot-on Makeup

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Check out the best Korean makeup setting sprays that will help you keep your makeup perfect even at the end of the day!

In today’s era, no one would deny good looks. Many do a lot of different stuff just to make themselves look good. Today makeup tools are considered one of the most important “must-haves.” Everyone likes to apply makeup to enhance their look and become a center of attraction. Makeup companies have used this opportunity to enhance their market size, and these industries have produced makeup items for different occasions.¬†

Whether it’s heavy for parties or just light makeup for some small events, makeup products are available for every purpose. However, many face problems with makeup washouts due to sweat or hard wind, but the beauty industry has found a way to resolve this problem too, and the solution is setting sprays. Setting sprays are used after the application of makeup, and these sprays help your makeup last much longer.

Listed below are the top 5 Korean makeup setting sprays for spot-on looks.

So Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer

Talking about the best Korean makeup sprays, these product tops the list. “So natural all day tight makeup setting fixer” protects your makeup and nourishes your skin. This spray can be used by people with any type of skin texture. If you have acne, you also care to use this product without worry as it doesn’t irritate your skin. 

This spray contains Centella Asiatica, lemon extract, and tea tree oil. All these ingredients help hydrate the skin while also healing it. This spray creates a layer of fine mist and doesn’t leave your skin too shiny or too dry. 

AEKYUNG LUNA Long Lasting Makeup Setting Fixer Spray

This long-lasting makeup setting spray by Luna is most suitable for oily skin. The brand Luna was founded by Aekyung Industrial in 2006. This setting spray keeps your makeup smudge-proof for a whole day and keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. It also is water-based, which makes it less sticky.

It gives users a smooth and airy feeling. This makeup fixer does not contain any of the ingredients which can be harmful to the skin, like paraben and oil. It comes with a sweat and waterproof formula that will help you set your makeup without any problem.

The Face Shop FMGT Ultra Shield Makeup Fixer

The Face Shop is a South Korean beauty brand with the motto of “Makeup is Fashion” and helps you select the most attractive style for your skin. This brand is a perfect example of trendy makeup combined with the most basic ones. Their “Ultra Shield Makeup Fixer” product contains porous powder, forming an even and light layer over your skin. It will strongly fix your makeup without making your skin look cakey. 

After you have completed your makeup, simply shake the container. Keep it over an appropriate distance and spray the product all over your face. 

L.O.C.K. Makeup Setting Spray

This particular makeup setting spray not only fixes your makeup all day long but also calms and soothes your skin under that layer of makeup. It is composed of natural extracts such as Centella Asiatica (Cica) extract and Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) leaf extract. Both these ingredients soothe dry skin and provide all the hydration and moisture needed by it. 

Korean makeup setting sprays

Application of this makeup fixer will not leave your face cakey or greasy. Instead, it will give your makeup look a smooth, dewy finish. You also need not try any side effects as it is formulated with no harsh chemicals or any artificial fragrance. 

Blithe Aurora Second Skin Dewy Setting Spray 

Last but not the list is this multipurpose makeup fixer, Blithe Aurora Second Skin Dewy Setting Spray. Now you can save time by applying this one product which can work for your skin as a moisturizer, primer, and fixer. This setting spray is formulated with ingredients like quintuple ceramide that make the glow long-lasting by forming a barrier-like layer over your skin. This mist spray is built so that it’s suitable to use both before and after makeup.

Korean makeup setting sprays

This Korean makeup setting spray also helps to maintain a suitable balance between the oil content and moisture of your skin. This balance helps your skin be hydrated and hold on to your makeup for much longer. This Aurora Spray gives your skin an aurora finish and a luminous glow simultaneously.

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