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Are your thoughts worrying you? Does your head hurt after a busy day at work, and you overthink? If you answered yes to the above questions, then the POLA is for you. This device is a technological marvel that will help you unwind after a stressful day. There are many methods to achieve tranquillity, including meditation, but not everyone has the frame of mind required for meditation. Korean scientists at YBrain deciphered the code to calm down agitated cranial nerves. They use their knowledge and innovation to create POLA. 

Understanding Ybrain and POLA

The company behind this device is YBrain. This organization believes in using science to give value to life. Their prime focus is understanding the activities of the human brain, and they want to analyze, manage and improve its condition using effective scientific methods. They have experts in the fields of electronic and material engineering, and these specialists create products based on brain science. So far, this group’s portfolio comprises the POLA, Dufang (used to mitigate migraine pain), and Mind Scan, which allows you to scan and store brain activity that a doctor can later study. This organization even has a paper published on the research behind POLA.

How to Use POLA?

Stress comes naturally to most people, and it does not see age or gender. You could get it from running errands, attending back-to-back classes, or just by trying to manage life. However, during an episode of stress, your nerves bundle up in a knot and cause pain. The POLA, Paula or Polaris, eliminates this complexity of the mind. Using the YPD waveform in this product gives a calming effect. It sits on the forehead like tape and comes with a hydrogel patch that moisture the forehead. The process to use it is extremely simple.

  1. Place the patch on your forehead. 
  2. Place the POLA device onto the patch using its magnetic property.
  3. Switch on the device and select the function you need.
  4. All it takes is twenty minutes, at the end of which you will feel your thoughts clear out, and yourself relax.

Functions of POLA

This one device has many functions and is easy to use on different parts of the body. There are separate colors that denote each function, and they are as below.

  1. Purple: This one is for the forehead. When using the POLA to relax and calm yourself, only use this mode. It feels like a gentle but rhythmic tapping on the forehead, and this rhythm stabilizes the cranial nerves. With the hydrogel patch in place, the combination cools and relaxes the mind.
  2. Blue: Once you decide on using this equipment on other body parts, start with the blue function. It has a combination of massages that run on repeat, and this mode relaxes tight muscles and increases blood flow to them. 
  3. Green: The green mode is the knock massage mode, and it is a deep tissue massage that uses the knocking technique. Use this on severely tensed muscles or deep muscles like the ones in the calves.
  4. Yellow: The last function represents the kneading massage mode. This technique loosens up tight muscles. Undertaking this opens up muscle knots and promotes blood flow, and it helps the muscles relax and regain their original shape.

Only use the purple function when you need to calm the brain. The others are to relax tense back, neck, shoulder, or any other muscle in the body.  

Advantages of the POLA

Now that you understand the device and its functions: take a quick look at its advantages. It not only helps to calm down your agitated nerves but also improves the quality of sleep. When you use the device regularly before bed, you sleep better. This process helps the body to regenerate faster. Using its multiple functions, you can relax many muscles in the body as well. It gives hydration to the forehead, and this liquid cools down the brain, thereby reducing stress.

In the end!

In today’s busy life, this is a much-needed device. With advancements in technology so great, you can now relax anywhere and at any moment. As this is a portable machine, you can even take it with you on a business trip. Get your POLA today and rejuvenate your mind and body to start each day afresh.

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