The Medical Revolution is Now Virtual Thanks to VROR Eye Dr. Pro

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VROR EYE Dr. PRO offers a daily eye healthcare solution by enabling 10 eye examinations and various other AI exams tailored just for you!

The eyes are our gateway to the world; without them, we would not be able to comprehend the environment we live in, see our loved ones or react to stimuli as efficiently. Without them, we would be flying blind (pun intended) and deprived of perhaps our most important sense. 

This is why eye care and ophthalmology (the medical study of eyes) are so crucial to our well-being and are going to be especially relevant in the digital and post-pandemic era. While ocular issues have been rising at a steady rate for decades, the skyrocketing digital device usage since December 2019 has had an inverse-correlating effect on eye health. 

South Korea is a country that is very familiar with ocular issues, and the country has one of the highest rates of myopia, particularly amongst teenagers and young adults. Ocular problems were rising rapidly as far back as 2015, when the patient population for Dry Eye Syndrome doubled, with significant (nearly 200%) increases in the teen and adult populations. 

With the earth-shattering rise in the use of screens by people of all ages, Digital Eye Strain has become the norm of the day, with a majority of the Korean population exhibiting clear symptoms of DES and other ailments. But if technology poses the problem, it also gives us the answer, as demonstrated by M2S+’ breakthrough ocular technology, VROR EYE Dr. PRO.

Vision 20/20: Why Ophthalmology Needed a Change

Typically, the process of eye care is elaborate and involves several different mechanisms and machinations to diagnose and address problems. 

Every eye issue has a separate standardized module for analysis. Identifying individual eye troubles often requires separate devices, making the procedure long, clunky and resource-heavy. Not to mention patient (and doctor) bias, which might skew the results. 

Eye care needs to be precise and accurate by definition; a single misdiagnosis can spell disaster. It also needs consolidation; having to use a separate device for a single test is time-consuming and costly, inadvertently making treatment costlier for the patient. 

Thus, there is a dire need for change in ophthalmological treatment. And that change comes from the most unexpected source: Virtual Reality.

VR & AR: How M2S+ Makes Eyecare Virtual

Started in 2017, M2S+ has been dedicated to exploring Virtual & Augmented Reality’s potential for bringing about change through its unique content. Their innovative module of developing compelling narratives and animations through VR has won them several accolades over the last two years. These include the Best Short Film in the Online Film & Game Competition at VR Fest 2019, Best VR Animation at Dreamland XR 2020 and an excellence award at the IM Super VR contest co-hosted by KP & Incheon CCEI. 

M2S+ has created an immovable foundation in VR animation, CG-full content and visual storytelling. 

It uses this base to develop platform services that can interact with their contents. It allows them to integrate their technological prowess with key healthcare services, something they’ve been working on since their inception. 

Their years-long efforts have been realized in the virtual eye doctor, the VROR EYE, Dr. PRO.

VROR Eye Dr. Pro: M2S+’s Revolutionary Eyecare Innovation

As previously noted, M2S+ has immense VR & AR animation capabilities, which they have employed in sectors like entertainment. However, the goal was always to circle back to healthcare. With the Virtual Reality Ophthalmic Room (VROR) Eye Dr. Pro, M2S+ looks to usher in an era of digitized, personalized and subsidized healthcare.

Using Virtual Reality as its operational base, the Eye Dr. Pro conducts ten key eye examinations through the same device, administering each test examination based on the patient’s daily schedules and medical histories. These tests cover most of the spectrum of ocular issues: from pupil reflex and astigmatism to color blindness & visual field trajectory; the Eye Dr. Pro assesses all. 

How the device works is rather simple: it uses M2S+’s foundational contents to stimulate eye activity in accordance with the standardized testing modules.

This movement is recorded by eye-tracking sensors, which transfer the data to the deep-learning examination algorithm. 

The algorithm runs an analysis based on existing medical records, trends, and data to compile an accurate medical examination report that can be accessed through the VROR App.

7 Problems, 1 Solution: How VROR Makes Eye Examination Easy and Accessible

The Eye Dr. Pro combines the functions of 7 separate medical devices into a single, all-encompassing device that addresses issues like bloodshot eyes, dryness, double vision, eye twitching, pain, headache & diabetes, to name a few. 

vror eye dr pro

By compiling these tests within a single framework, the VROR Eye Dr. Pro removes the physical barrier of administration as well as the need for multiple ophthalmic devices. It makes the examination process extremely cost-effective and eliminates any form of bias, ensuring free accessibility and diagnostic accuracy. The reports thereafter generated can be accessed through the VROR app.

This companion app acts as your one-stop destination for eye care. Besides displaying your reports, it suggests exercises that help keep your eyes healthy. They have also facilitated the building of an online community, where patients with similar issues can discuss their situation and share other content that helps improve eye health. 

All in all, the VROR Eye Dr. Pro functions as a fully-capable digital healthcare device that has the potential to completely transform the way ophthalmic treatments function from the ground up, a breakthrough that merits the highest forms of recognition from the international community. 

M2S+ has rightly been recognized as a front-line innovator at the 2021 CES Innovation Awards, winning the Best of Innovation award for its ophthalmic optimization in the Health & Wellness category.

Eye Dr. Pro: The Future of Eye Care

While the conventional Eye Dr. Pro is a kiosk model that runs its diagnosis on the spot, M2S+ has also devised the Eye Dr. Pro Tab and Lite, two portable devices that allow you to conduct regular checkups at your whim. 

The Eye Dr. Pro Tab comes equipped with all the tests of the kiosk-type model, some of which might be missing from the Lite version due to its compact nature. That does not change the fact that in the near future, you will be able to avail quality eye care anytime you desire, anywhere you desire, and all you have to do is plug in and start seeing.

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