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5 Best Korean Yuzu Drinks For Cold and Cough

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Yuzu tea made with the juices and zest of the fruit claims to have lots of anti-oxidants and acts as a nutritional remedy for cold and cough. In Korea, Yuzu tea is popular as it has many health benefits and is a delicious drink for you to sit back and enjoy. It slowly gained the attention of people from outside Korea as well. Korean Yuzu drinks aid in building your immune system. It is caffeine-free, and you can drink any time in your day. It has an abundant source of citric acid and Vitamin C and tastes unique. Below are the best Korean yuzu drinks to change your lifestyle.

Ottogi Honey Tea

If you are a fan of caffeine-free sweet drinks, you should probably give Ottogi Honey Tea a try. It has perfectly balanced ingredients to make a cup of tea instantly by just adding hot water. It has vitamin C to help people relieve problems like colds or sore throats. It is free from any cholesterol, trans-fat, and preservatives. It is a suitable alternative for regular teas, especially if you want some healthy and nutritious options. 

Assi Korean Citron Tea with Honey

The instant Assi Korean Citron Tea comes from the traditional Korean Citron with honey to give the perfect beverage. It has quality products infused in it to make a perfect cup of yuzu tea. You can add one or two spoons of the tea into hot water, and it is ready. The best part is that you can even serve them with bread and even put it in smoothies. The sweet and sour taste elevates the total flavor of the product.

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Korean Honey Yuza Citron Tea

This tea contains superior citrus fruits like yuzu, which is more nutritious than other citrus varieties. This Korean Honey Yuza Citron Tea has the perfect formulation to give you that soothing feeling after a tiring day. You can drink this tea as a hot drink to relieve sore throats or dry coughs. If you prefer it cold, you can top it up with some yogurt and enjoy. 

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Organic Yuza Citron Juice

If you want your skin to look healthy or want relief from sore throats, The USDA Organic Yuza Citron Juice can be your savior. It has the supreme quality Korean citron to add goodness to the tea. The Korean yuzu drink has anti-oxidants to help the skin and other nutritious factors to relieve coughs and sore throats. This product comes in an on-the-go package to make it easy for people to drink. Even though it is a readymade version, you can get creative and try the drink in various ways.

DAMTUH Korean Honey Citron Tea

You can taste the authentic Korean citron in this tea. It has the goodness of citron, honey, and vitamin C. The health benefits of drinking this tea are high, and you need to give this a try. The DAMTUH Korean Honey Citron Tea has honey-like consistency, so you can even use them on bread like marmalade or heat it with water to drink as tea. Either way, it is delicious and very healthy.

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Wrapping Up    

Yuzu drinks result from the old and proud traditions that originated in the lands of Korea. The citron fruit infusion in honey and other products elevates the taste of yuzu drinks. It is also easy to buy and use as most of these varieties are instant drinks. With the sweet and sour taste along with some Vitamin C goodness, the yuzu drinks have a sturdy place in the list of best beverages. Do not miss out on these goodies and get them right away.

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