Hyundai Motor Launches New Game “Hyundai Future Adventure” on Roblox

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Hyundai Motor has recently released an exciting game called “Hyundai Future Adventure” on the popular online platform Roblox. This game lets users dive into Hyundai’s innovative future mobility technologies for a unique and engaging experience. Let’s explore the details of this groundbreaking initiative.

Experience Hyundai’s Future Mobility Technologies in “Hyundai Future Adventure” on Roblox

Roblox Hyundai Motor Launches New Game "Hyundai Future Adventure" on Roblox
New game “Hyundai Future Adventure” on Roblox | Hyundai

Roblox is a well-known virtual entertainment platform that offers a wide range of activities for users to enjoy. With personalized avatars, players can engage with others and explore virtual spaces.

On January 15, Hyundai Motor launched “Hyundai Future Adventure” on Roblox, allowing players to explore and experience future mobility technologies in an enjoyable way.

Game Features of “Hyundai Future Adventure”

Hyundai Future Adventure” features six jump-action challenges based on future mobility themes. Players can explore a captivating park that showcases Hyundai’s groundbreaking technologies, including robotics, IONIQ electric vehicles (EVs), hydrogen technology, advanced air mobility (AAM), and other innovative concepts.

Adventure Maps and Challenges

Players can explore various maps that highlight different aspects of Hyundai’s future technologies. The maps include the H-tech campus with cutting-edge technology, HTWO waterpark powered by hydrogen, the Robotics Lab for interacting with Hyundai robots, the Spacecraft horizon map that focuses on cosmic expeditions, the Botanic garden that promotes sustainable values, and Antarctica, which features Hyundai rescue robots. Players must overcome exciting challenges on each map.

Digital Items and Accessories

Hyundai Motor offers a collection of digital items and accessories on the Roblox Marketplace, enhancing the gaming experience. Players can customize their avatars with robot characters like Dal-e and N Vision 74, along with many other digital items related to the game. This customization allows for personalization and adds a more immersive gaming experience.

Communicating Hyundai’s Vision and Engaging the Future Generation

In line with its commitment to promoting future mobility, Hyundai showcased its cutting-edge technologies at CES 2024. With a focus on a hydrogen energy ecosystem and software-centric transformation, Hyundai emphasizes its dedication to sustainable solutions and innovative advancements.

Hyundai Motor actively engages with future generations through initiatives such as the Hyundai Kids Motorshow and Future Mobility School. These aim to inspire and educate young minds about future mobility concepts, promoting creativity and providing insights into potential career paths.


In conclusion, “Hyundai Future Adventure” on Roblox is not just a game. It offers an immersive experience for users to explore and interact with Hyundai’s future mobility technologies. By engaging with young minds and sharing a vision for sustainable transportation, Hyundai Motor aims to inspire the next generation of innovators and contribute to a more advanced and eco-friendly future.

To learn more about Hyundai Future Adventure, visit the Roblox content page or Hyundai Motor’s official website.

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