South Korea’s High-Speed Railway SRT Goodies For All

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Get your hands on unique SRT merchandise goodies that are inspired by South Korea’s high-speed railway and made by Coiro Inc., Korea.

Do you like to travel on public transport and use travel-friendly products? Would you rather show off locally manufactured goods than branded international products? If you go with a yes to the above questions, this article is for you. Working on sustainability and staying in style is difficult, but SRT goods do an excellent job with it. This Korean company manufactures travel-friendly utilities that the people of Korea like to carry. 

Who is Behind SRT?

Coiro Inc. and Super Rapid Train Operator in South Korea manufacture these products in collaboration. Coiro Inc. is a fashion house based out of Korea. They focus on technology and design and know the art of French leathercrafting. Cairo Inc. was a participant in the 2018 and 2019 MIPEL show held in Italy. No other organization in Korea knows the art of French Leathermaking so far. For this, they collaborated with car brands and their stores in Korea. The SRT operator wants to create a community that supports sustainability in the social economy. They have many cooperatives, self-support organizations, young people, and elders helping to manufacture these products. 

SRT Goodies You Need To Get Your Hands On!

They make these products with premium quality leather, and only the best of leather-making techniques goes into finishing each of them. The use of French techniques ensures the edges of everything they make get layered thoroughly many times. This method makes the elastic and soft lather texture stand out. The design in these products showcases their association with high-speed railways with their exteriors. Their products encompass everyday items like Magsafe wallets for cards and keyrings. They also make laptop pouches, Bi-Fold wallets, Magnets, and others. 

SRT Bern Key Keychain

They make this keychain with fine leather and an original Bern key. A Bern key is to operate the engine room and service space in passenger trains in Switzerland. This keychain qualifies as a collector’s article, and people prize owing it. You can also buy its other version, which comes with no Bern Key.  

SRT Leather Magnets

The SRT fridge magnet is the best choice if you love to collect souvenirs. These small train-shaped magnets come in four colors. They make it in the shape of the train itself, and they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You can use it to decorate your fridge or keep notes. 

SRT 13-inch laptop iPad Leather Pouch

These soft and crease-resistant leather pouches can easily hold a 13-inch laptop. They are light to carry, and their inner lining protects your system’s screen. You can get them in three colors, Beige, Pink, and Black. 

SRT Passport Covers Note Cover

These products come in soft leather and have a leather string to tie the pouch. You can place a passport along with two cards and a man in this pouch. You can even use it as a notebook cover along with a pen. 

SRT Name Tags

If you need a lightweight and durable name tag, buying the product from SRT is the best option. They have tags with transparent name sections and ones that have a flap. All these products come with the made-to-order clause so, you must place your orders in advance. 

SRT Magsafe Card Wallet

If you like to travel light but need a place to keep your cards. Then Magsafe card wallet is your best friend. You should stick this on your phone’s back and place important items. They hold your cards and a few currency notes. 

SRT Folding Card Wallet

The two-fold wallet houses cards and money and is sleek. It comes with a button to close the wallet, and you can carry it in your handbag. 

Canvas Bag with SRT

SRT and Cairo Inc. introduced their Eco bags in August 2021 and rapidly sold out. They design these bags with exit signs and rail tracks of the SRT. These eco bags make for comfortable travel partners and help you move with a lot of things together. The built of these bags is sturdy, and the stitching does not open. 

In the End!

The entire range of the merchandise is unique, and carrying it makes you stand out from the crowd. As the products get made on order, you will not find two of the same kind. Support the eco-movement and get your products today. 

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